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Philadelphia Welcomes the Newest Smoothie on the Block – the CBD Oil Smoothie


PHILADELPHIA, PA (November 1, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)--The smoothie industry is getting a real shake up thanks to the latest offering at Fuel Restaurants in Philadelphia as the brand-new CBD oil smoothie debuts. This particular smoothie is generating all Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 14.33.24kinds of buzz and interest as the restaurant looks to fulfill its goal of providing healthy, fresh, and fast dining options.

These CBD infused smoothies are meant to give customers a way to nourish their mental and physical well-being in a tasty refreshing beverage.

Fuel Restaurant Striving to Make Its Mark

As Fuel Restaurant's president Rocco Cima comments, this isn't the first time the chain has looked to make a mark. In fact, rather than be a follower in the restaurant business, Fuel Restaurants have always strived to be a trendsetter.

Cima credits this new smoothie to the fact that CBD oil and edibles are becoming more mainstream and people are realizing the incredible health benefits CBD offers. With some calling it a whole new superfood, Cima felt it was time to include it in smoothies.

Fuel Restaurants are the very first in all of Philadelphia to offer CBD oil infused smoothies, and it has the exclusive distribution rights in partnership with a national distributor. His plans don't start and end with the smoothie though, as there are other CBD oil infused drink and food options set to debut too.

Even though Cima won't make any medical claims regarding the smoothie, there is plenty of research that shows CBD oil can help people to better manage and cope with depression, stress, anxiety, and more.

Choose from Three Different Smoothies

The initial launch features three different smoothies, each of which are infused with the CBD oil. They are called the Dream Smoothie and are available in three different flavors. Customers can choose from the Orange Dream (vegan option available), Berry Dream (vegan), or the Green Dream (vegan). Also, customers can have the oil infused in other new shakes such as the Iced Avocado Mocha, the Strawberry Tahini Shake, and the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Banana.

Look for the Menu to Expand in 2019

While these three new smoothies are certainly creating a buzz, Cima's plans don't end with them. There are plans to introduce more CBD oil infused drinks and even food options early next year. These new smoothies are expected to be a huge hit, especially since Fuel Restaurants are the only one offering them in Philadelphia, so Cima is looking to expand on the popularity.

Of course, all this buzz isn't going by unnoticed by the rest of the food and dining industry, which is why wholesale CBD products are certainly on the rise in terms of popularity and sales.

While Fuel Restaurants may be the first in Philadelphia to offer CBD oil infused smoothies, ice cream has already gotten a little CBD oil infusion thanks to Little Baby's Ice Cream, also in Philadelphia. This is an industry that is very much in its infancy at this point, and is really starting to blow up and really expand.