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The Best Type of Building System You Can Use in Constructing Your New Home

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(CNBNewsnet)(October 4,2018)--Building your dream house takes a lot of time and work. More importantly, it takes a lot of Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 15.56.43experience to know which types of constructions materials to use in building the main structure. Thankfully, there are professionals whom you can consult when you purchase a construction material. Also, there are a handful of resources that can provide basic knowledge of construction systems.

A brief overview of construction systems

Construction systems refer to the specific combinations of materials used to construct a building. The systems are classified according to their mass. For example, some homes only use lightweight systems comprised of cladding materials, building underlay and timber framing. Other structures use heavyweight systems which are composed of concrete masonry or reinforced brick.

In earlier years, home builders only chose between masonry or timber frames. Nowadays, there are more options available, including steel frames, structural insulation panels or SIPs, straw bale, insulating concrete formwork and oak frames.

What are the types of construction systems?

The first type of system is the timber frame, comprised of timber stud work panels. If you fancy becoming a self-builder, you will surely love timber panels. You can purchase the prefabricated panels and assemble them on your project site. It will only take you a few days to erect your timber frame home.

The next type of system is called masonry construction. Others refer to it as block work, used in the country since the 1930s. This type of system consists of an external skin, a cavity and the internal skin. The outer skin protects the entire structure from external elements while the inner skin functions as material support.

Some homeowners today prefer using more up-to-date materials such as structural insulated panels. SIPs are known for their ability to provide exceptional heat insulation. This construction material can also make any room airtight. Like timber panels, the SIPs that construction suppliers sell are also prefabricated in factories. The manufacturer will specifically produce the panels according to the design you provide.

Another popular type of construction system used today is the insulating concrete formwork or otherwise referred to as ICF. In this type of system, you will need to stack polystyrene blocks together to create a mould for the ready-mix concrete. Most self-builders prefer this type of construction system because it’s simple and it doesn’t require special skills.

Aside from those systems mentioned above, some home builders also try to use the oak frame construction system. While it's relatively more expensive, the smooth and unique texture of the oak and its heat insulation and soundproofing features adds to its appeal. Most of the time, the oak frame system is integrated with SIPs to improve its water-resistant capacity.

Have you chosen which type of construction system to use for your project? If not, then you can review the specifications of each system again. Remember, when you choose a construction system, focus on the specification of the site, thermal performance, and final project design. More importantly, don’t forget to study each type of system so that you can understand which option will best fit your needs.