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Trick or Treat Information for Pine Hill, Gloucester Township and Gloucester City

Pine Hill Halloween Curfew and Trick or Treating Hours



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LINDENWOLD, NJ Lindenwold Mayor and Council have established Halloween Trick or Treating Hours by Resolution. The hours for Trick or Treating will be from 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. 

Mayor and Council have also amended the curfew hours for Friday, October 26, 2018 through Thursday, November 1, 2018. Curfew hours during this period shall be from 8:00 pm until 6:00 am each night. Curfew in the Borough of Lindenwold is for residents seventeen (17) years of age and under.

Lindenwold Police Department
2001 Egg Harbor Rd
Lindenwold, NJ 08021

Emergency: 9-1-1 
Non-emergencies: 856-784-7566 

GTPD Community Bulletin: Curfew change Oct. 29, 30, and 31 due to Halloween Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 15.40.21

 Gloucester Township Police would like to remind residents that curfew will be earlier on October 29th, 30th and 31st due to Halloween.

Curfew will be 7:00 PM on October 29th and 30th and recommended 8:00 PM on October 31st for any one under the age of 18 that is not accompanied by a parent, guardian or other adult person having custody

Gloucester Township Police Department
1261 Chews Landing Rd
Gloucester Township, NJ 08021

Emergency: 9-1-1 
Non-emergencies: 856-228-4500


Trick or Treat in Gloucester City


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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 26, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)The Gloucester City Police Department encourages safety and supervision during the annual Trick-or-Treat season.  This year, trick-or-treat times will be Wednesday, October 31st from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  In addition, on Tuesday, October 30th, the city curfew for anyone under the age of 18 will be moved to 9:00 pm.

 It is especially important for parents and guardians to adhere to a few safety rules for their children while they are trick-or-treating.


  • Know your route
  • Take a flashlight
  • Be sure costumes, shoes and treat bags or safe
  • Remind children not to enter strangers’ homes or cars
  • Set rules about not eating treats until they get home
  • Candy that has been opened should be thrown away.  Any homemade treats or fruit should be inspected closely
  • Remember, drivers have a hard time seeing people, especially at dusk
  • Never cross the street between parked cars
  • Watch open flames from jack-o-lanterns as they can catch costumes and long wigs on fire
  • Make sure that fake knives, swords and guns are made from cardboard or other flexible materials to avoid injury


It is also important to ensure that your home is safe and accessible to trick-or-treaters.  As adults there are some very simple steps we can take to make the evening safe for everyone.


  • Turn on your porch light
  • Move lit jack-o-lanterns off the porch where children get bunched up if they are trick-or-treating in groups
  • Remove objects from your yard that might present a hazard
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to the police

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