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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: The Tiny Biter

by Dawn Watson |CNBNewsnet

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Little dogs often have large personalities.


Puppies will instinctively snarl and growl. If the dog is a small breed we tend to laugh and cuddle him which shows him that he has done something good. The behavior escalates with age until finally, your little adult dog nips at anything or anyone that moves.


Dogs thrive under benevolent leadership no matter what their age. Under normal circumstances they can read facial expressions and body language. Give your dog the structure he needs by telling him, “No!” when he behaves inappropriately and a “Good…” (the good behavior, like sit, stay, down, etc.)


While it is never appropriate to strike a dog a simple loud command and a frown will go a long way, possibly avoiding an ankle nip. Sadly, if a strange dog is heading toward you and you are in fear of being attacked you must do what is necessary to protect yourself.


If you own a small dog and would like some help with this problem, please email me so we can resolve it. There is never a fee for email or text message consultations.

If you have questions about this or any other dog-related question please call or text me at 856.981.8957 or email

Pictured: Pepper. He does not bite.


Wado udohiyu, (thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Owner, Brother of the Wolf, LLC

Behavior and Service Dog Training in Gloucester City, NJ