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With Pressley Win, Massachusetts Will Send its First Woman of Color to Congress

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Gender Watch 2018, a project of the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation (BLFF), provides a full analysis of how women fared in the Massachusetts primary election here
Among the most notable results:
  • Ayanna Pressley was successful in her challenge to incumbent Representative Michael Capuano in the Democratic primary in Massachusetts' 7th congressional district. With no Republican challenger this November, Pressley is set to become the first woman of color to represent Massachusetts in Congress. 
  • According to CAWP, there are now 39 (33D, 6R) Black women nominees, including Pressley, for the U.S. House in 2018. Among them, 22 (17D, 5R) are non-incumbents.*
  • All 6 (3D, 3R) women candidates for statewide executive office in Massachusetts ran unopposed in their primaries, yielding 6 (3D, 3R) nominations for women and two all-female contests for state auditor and state treasurer.
* In addition, Brenda Jones is the special election nominee in Michigan's 13th congressional district, where she'd serve until January if successful.
For more information, see the full analysis of how women fared in yesterday's contests at Gender Watch 2018. For a full summary of women candidates in these states and nationwide, see CAWP's Election Watch site.