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The effective, long term fix for the dysfunctional mess that is Washington, DC

Federal waste usually takes the form of a $1 million federal research grant or a $10,000 office chair. But this is a Alzheimers-disease-1024x681 whole different ball game.

NPR reported last week that the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs have wasted $1 billion taxpayer dollars. But that money wasn’t used developing a new missile system or building a new hospital. No, the feds burned $1 billion on a totally failed effort to integrate medical records between the two departments.

But it doesn’t stop there. Rather than abandon the project, they’re doubling down. Now they plan to spend $1 billion per year over the next 10 years to continue their efforts, which experts believe might not even be successful.

This is unconscionable. The U.S. government is already over $21 trillion in debt, a debt the American taxpayer will one day have to foot. The feds shouldn’t be able to waste $1 billion without facing consequences.

That’s exactly why millions have joined the nationwide movement to call the first-ever Article V Convention of States. A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that impose fiscal restraints on every level of the federal government. These amendments can force Congress to balance the budget and provide real oversight on wasteful government agencies. 

This month, the Convention of States resolution passed committee in the Michigan Senate and now heads to the Senate floor. As such, Michigan could become the 13th state to pass the Convention of States resolution/application.

Lawrence Reed, President of Foundation for Economic Education, is the latest to endorse Convention of States. 

Gary Brenner

Media Liaison
Convention of States New Jersey