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CNB April 2013 Archives: "SHARK" ATTACKS LEO HOLT

published April 25, 2013

Leo Holt is the former President of the infamous Philadelphia Gun Club (site of cruel live pigeon shoots) as well as a former board member of the NRA. Holt is also the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Jackson Laboratory, located in Bar Harbor, Maine. The Jackson Lab breeds millions of mice who suffer terribly in labs around the world.  

"Live pigeon shoots are vicious events were birds deprived of food and water are launched from small boxes and shot as living targets," states Steve Hindi, President of SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK). "A business like Jackson Laboratory is usually very concerned about an association with animal cruelty over and above that of the vivisection industry, so why then would they elect a chairman who has been videotaped torturing wounded pigeons with his very own hands?"
SHARK has video documented Holt at the Philadelphia Gun Club picking up wounded pigeons and swinging them violently.  Holt only furthered the agony of the birds. You can view that video at this link:
This link exposes how horrific a pigeon shoot at the Philadelphia Gun Club is: 

Holt's Philadelphia Gun Club has been cited numerous times for animal abuse said SHARK.  "Many Pennsylvania Humane Society Police Officers have stated that live pigeon shoots violate Pennsylvania humane law 5511, which criminalizes animal ill treatment, abandonment and cruelty," said Hindi. 

Today, Thursday April 24, the Jackson Laboratory is holding an art exhibition at their Maine facility. SHARK has submitted the following illustration and asked that it be included in the art show.
SHARK has also emailed the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jackson Laboratory, Edison Liu, and asked how he feels about the Jackson Laboratory being so closely associated with outrageous animal cruelty such as pigeon shooting.
In June 29, 2010, SHARK released a similar press release criticizing Holt and the Philadelphia Gun Club. On the same day a some members of the organization picketing the Gloucester City fireworks display because Holt had donated $15,000 to help the city pay for the celebration. 
CNBNews asked Mr. Holt yesterday if he wanted to respond to the accusations made by SHARK.  We are waiting his response.


Gary Devine said...

Didn’t the Shark group attack Leo Holt last spring on this website? Are they going to bash this man every spring on Cleary’s Notebook right before the Gloucester City fireworks, with the same old same old?

The Gloucester City business owner is nice enough to pay for the Fourth of July fireworks for Gloucester City residents to enjoy. He also employs many Gloucester City residents.

Hey Shark, its time to move on elsewhere and you can harass the large fishing vessels that are killing the real live sharks that get caught in their fishing nets.

Gary Devine
A former resident of Gloucester City 
Mullica Hill

Gary's ignorant and close minded just like Leo holt said...

So you're all for shooting animals that are helpless and don't stand a chance Gary? It's what he stands for not what he does. If you're okay with his actions that you wouldn't mind me rounding up some people (because humans are animals) starving them and than letting them go. Only to shoot them right after? What that club is doing is not only wrong, but also extremely easy! If you want to think you're a good marksman because you can hit a weak pigeon coming out of a box with a shotgun than this is the place for you! This is obviously a group of men who aren't men at all, but little girls who just want things to go there way!

Jeanne said in reply to Gary's ignorant and close minded just like Leo holt...

Why would you liken them to little girls?
What Leo Holt does is offensive?
But being sexist is okay?

reader said in reply to Gary's ignorant and close minded just like Leo holt...

before you attack gary for expressing his opinion, maybe you should look at the people you are supporting. These so called animal rights groups are just as bad and sometimes worse than what mr holt does. Go to and you can also contact your state office on animal control and get the kill ratios on all these animal agencys. In some cases they have been considered terrorists. So instead of attacking how about offering real workable solutions and working to implement them.