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The English Premier League 2018-19 Season


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(CNBNewsnet)(August 31,2018)--Time to log on to your favorite betting site, ready your money, and start betting as the London football season is back thanks to the English Premier League EPL Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 13.51.01 tournament. The intrigues of the football matches have always delivered a twist-packed with action one season after the other. This season too is no different. And with the odds ever so high following the transfers after the world-cup, football fans are yet to see the very best London-club players have to offer this season.

The twenty EPL clubs are expected to battle it out to cement their position as Premier League titans. Chelsea is the top contender this season having topped as the champions of the 25th Premier League championship, 2016-17 season. This was Chelsea’s 5th Premier League title and their 6th English title having beaten West Bromwich Albin 1-0. Expectations are high for new exploits this 2018-19 season with top scorers like Harry Kane on the radar of many soccer fans. The teams are showing a lot of promise this season, and it is going to be exciting to how the top names such as Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool fair in the competition.

The English Premier League remains the most watch league worldwide. With such a huge fan base and with high expectations, bookmakers are ready to give their clients the best odds as they enjoy their favorite show. If you are new in the betting world, log onto hosting sites such as They have the details of reputable online bookmakers with more information of their odds readily accessible. The odds available offer endless options for betting enthusiasts. The betting odds range from league winner segments, match draws, losses, and wins category. Fans can also bet on top scorers during matches as well as the players who will score goals during their respective games. Some bookmakers have odds on the capability of team managers, to add to the excitement. With options ranging from placing bets before matches begin as well as placing bets during live games, it is clear why the betting options remain an endless possibility ready to be capitalized by the sport’s fans.


The odds presented by bookmakers are available for the major league contenders as well as the survival segment. Survival odds are unpredictable and thus vary from one betting site to another. That being said, it is worth noting that the odds for the top four English Premier League contenders are the most popular. The fifth position in the competition guarantees the team a slot in the Europa League. The sixth-placed team has the possibility of qualifying for other slots within the English competitions.

The competition promises to leave coaches, spectators and betting enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. The excitement is undeniable. You too can be part of this thrill and hopefully make a profit from it. All you need to do is get online and check out the available sites, and the odds they have in store for you and you will end up enjoying this season even more.