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Michael P. McGuire of Fairview; Former Camden City Councilman; Housing Authority Employee

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The Football Frenzy Fundraiser works as follows: 


*Each individually numbered ticket has a list of professional football teams on the front of the ticket.  Each team is given a corresponding team number to be used throughout the season. 

*On the back of each ticket is a list for each of the 17 weeks of the football regular season.   Under each week is a combination of 3 numbers that correspond to the teams listed on the front.  These 3 numbers are the teams you will use for that specific week of the season. 

*For each week you add the scores of each of the 3 teams listed on the ticket for that specific week.   The combined team scores are used as a weekly total.  (Note: If a team listed for a specific week is on a bye week, you use the previous weeks score for that specific team.) 

*Prizes are awarded for three (3) highest and two (2) lowest combined scores for each week.  Ties are split amongst the winning scores. 

*There are 17 weeks and winners will be paid for all prizes!! 

*$500 in prizes awarded weekly.   If a winning ticket is unsold, the prizes adjust to next sold ticket until all prizes are issued.

*Weekly results are tabulated and posted on an internet site. 

  All services including tabulating the scores, posting winners and issuing prizes are handled by the Jos. A. Ferko String Band 

Dawn M. Ragan, Executive Director

Camden County Hero Scholarship Fund

162 W. White Horse Pike

Berlin, NJ 08009


You don’t have to be a hero to keep a dream alive…