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Off-Season Main Transfers

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(CNBNewsnet)(August 30, 2018)--The off-season period is an important phase of the NBA, during which each club tries to improve its squad and to make the most advantageous transfers. This season has been especially notable for interesting transfers. Such solutions will impact the distribution of force among the clubs significantly.

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The Most Interesting Transfers

The off-season period of this year has a sort of tradition - transfers of true veterans who have been playing with one club for a long time. For example, the following interesting transfers can be mentioned:

  1.   The transfer of Vince Carter. At the moment, the player has decided to become a free agent of “Atlanta”. Now, his annual contract has a value of 2.4 million dollars. In the club, Vince transmits his experience to novices, so the club representatives don’t expect some crucial role in games from him.
  2.   The transfer of Dwight Howard. The frontcourt’s contract has a value of 11 million dollars, which is quite an impressive amount if taking frequent conflicts into account. So, the player is famous for bad temper, because of which he had to leave “Charlotte Hornets”. It should be noted that “Golden State” has refused to transfer Howard for the same reason. The front-court is famous for his “complex” behavior, so he just can’t mingle with other players.
  3.   The transfer of Carmelo Anthony to “Houston Rockets”. This evoked quite a mixed reaction. So, many fans believe that the player has long lost his shape and won’t be of benefit to the team. However, Anthony is ready to prove that he can surprise fans. For example, he has signed a contract having a value of 2.4 million dollars. Only veterans needed to transmit their experience get such proposals.
  4.   The transfer of Kawhi to “Toronto”. This player was predicted to become a new NBA star who can reach the same level as LeBron’s. But his injury that wasn’t so serious has confused fans. Besides, Kawhi refused to help the club in the play-off round. All these situations diminished the player’s reputation and his opportunities cooled down.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.58.59photo courtesy of the San Antonio Spurs

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