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Gloucester City Author Offers Sixth of Series


by CNBNewsnet Staff

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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 10, 2018)--Gloucester City resident Dawn O. Watson began writing about the mythical town of "Pi, NJ" while caring for her mother in her home.

   "I needed something to do while keeping my mother company. She wanted me to sit with her all day while she watched television," Mrs. Watson said. "I got a set of headphones to block the sound and set up my laptop in whatever room she occupied. And then, I wrote."

   The series became more popular when Gloucester City artist Amy D'apice, began designing the covers for the books. 

   "The new book is called, 'The Piper of Pi' and centers on one of the more colorful, recurring characters, James Dupree. Amy captured him beautifully, standing on the pier playing his bagpipes," Mrs. Watson continued. 

   "Locals will easily identify streets, landmarks, and some of the characters in town. It's such a fun series to write," she said. 

   In addition to the Pi series, there is a book about caring for her mother, a dog training book, and a post-apocalyptic book called Ezekiel: 38. Its sequel, Ezra: 7 will be available in late October. 

The books are available on,, at your local library (currently available at the Gloucester City Public Library), or ordered at any bookstore. Also available in eBook form.

Pictured: The cover of The Piper of Pi. Art by Amy Williams D'apice