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Gloucester City Has ONLY Sponsored The Recent NYMM Festival According To OPRA Documents

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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 2, 2018)--In April the Gloucester City Mayor and Council donated $2,500 to the non-profit organization Neighbors United to be used to help pay for a music festival to be held in June at Proprietors Park. CNBNews received a number of comments from people asking why the city would give that group money. As a result of those questions, we submitted an Open Public Records Act request (OPRA) asking if the mayor and council have ever given money to other groups to help sponsor their event (s). For example, did the city give money to those running the annual Arts Festival? Or to those running the St. Patrick's Day Parade? 

The 100 page plus answer to our OPRA which was received July 30, 2018, revealed that the city does help pay for some of the bands who performed in the Irish Parade as well as paying for some of the entertainment for Gloucester Day and the 4th of July celebration. However, in all those pages there was no reference to any other organization, besides Neighbors United,  being given money outright by the mayor and council to be used for anything they want.

A resolution was passed on April 26 by mayor and council authorizing a donation of $2,500 to Neighbors United. The resolution reads in part: "Whereas, the City would like to help with sponsorship of the Not Your Mother's Music Festival scheduled for June 23, 2018. Whereas, there are monies available as evidenced by the attached Certificate of Availability of Funds." 

The founders of the Neighbors United are Stevie Kirchner and Danielle Neillo. Both Gloucester City residents.

The money for Neighbors United came from the city's Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) program. Kirchner said the 150 Year Anniversary Committee also gave them $2,500 towards the festivities.

If any other organization's event was given money without stipulations by mayor and council we asked in our OPRA request for a copy of the resolution (s) authorizing that expenditure.

No other resolutions were received. 

Below are copies of two of the 50 plus comments that were posted on the article named, 

Gloucester City Festival Group Pleased With Turn Out; Some Questions Remain Unanswered


Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 16.5.27


Below is a list of some of the bands and individuals that received a payment for their performances in either the Gloucester City Irish Parade, The Gloucester Day Celebration or the 4th of July Parade.

IMG_1848 2information from the City of Gloucester City

As for the individual names on the list above, 

Terri Cooper is with High Noon Express, performance July 3, 2018

David Bakey provided music services for Gloucester City Day

Ed Coles is with Ed Coles and the Entertainers, performance July 3, 2018

GKSB is the Greater Kensington String Band, performance on July 3, 2018

Some names or payouts not listed on that vendor's sheet include:

  • Brian Boru Pipes and Drums, of Malvern NJ…$1,300 (Feb. 2018 Parade)


  • Duffy's String Band, North Wildwood…..$3,000 (July 2018 parade)


  • During String Band services between 2015 and 2018……Total $6,300


  • Ferko String Band, Philadelphia…… $1,800 (Feb. 2018 parade)


  • Nicole Runquist, Runnemede (The Band Aftershock) ($300 Gloucester Day 2018)


  • Pete Cava, Pins and Needles (Live 4-Piece Band and sound system 5 hours……..$600 (April 2018)


  • Greater Kensington String Band, Philadelphia(GKSB Enterprises)…$1200 (July 2018)


  • Gloucester City String Band (Stephen Dantinne)…$11,050 for services between 2009 and 2018

IMG_1847 2information from the City of Gloucester City

Below is a copy of the resolution passed by council authorizing $2500 expenditure for sponsorship of Not Your Mothers Music Festival 




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