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Vaping Is Really Popular in South Jersey. Here’s Why.

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SOUTH JERSEY (CNBNewsnet)(August 31, 2018)--A few years ago, many believed that vaping would become a one-time trend that would go away as quickly as it came in-style. Fast forward a few years, and vaping is an even bigger hobby and pastime activity than ever before. The industry behind vaping is growing too, and that growth is apparent when you see the wealth of vaping gadgets you can now choose from.

Vaping is particularly popular in South Jersey. Recent studies suggest that more people are taking up vaping as a hobby simply because it is enjoyable. Newer vaporizers and the many flavors of vape juice available today certainly enhance the vaping experience to a new level. There are reasons why vaping is becoming increasingly popular, even today.

Easy to Try

In the early days of vaping, you were stuck with vaporizers designed to look like tobacco cigarettes. The kits didn’t produce that much vapor and the whole experience was more cumbersome than enjoyable. A lot of people didn’t even consider vaping as a hobby because of this.

Today, however, vaping is a trendy thing. Starter kits are designed to be more capable and stylish at the same time. The modern pod system is even more convenient to use, mainly because the devices are compact and very easy to operate.

Choosing a good kit to try is just as easy. Retailers like Blazed Vapes now offer extensive catalogs of starter kits, mods, atomizers, and vape juice flavors to try. You can rely on reviews, articles, forum posts, and YouTube videos to help you pick the right starter kit to buy too.

It’s Affordable

Another popular reason why vaping is getting bigger by the day is how affordable it is right now. While you can still find high-end mods that sell for more than $1,000, the majority of kits and vaping gadgets available are reasonably priced.

The SMOK Species starter kit, which includes everything you need to start vaping except a set of 18650 batteries, is available for less than $80. This is considered a high-end, very capable starter kit that you won’t need to upgrade for years.

Budget options like the Digiflavor Ubox are even more affordable. A lot of them sell for no more than $20; we’re talking about a kit that you can use right out of the box here, so their prices are incredible indeed.

With vaping becoming popular and the market getting bigger, it is also easier to find special offers.


As mentioned before, you can start vaping with a good and capable starter kit for less than $20. To make it even better, there are countless discounts and special offers that you can claim in order to make vaping more affordable.

For starters, retailers like Blazed Vapes frequently offer coupon codes that you can exchange for up to 70% in discounts. Special offers are just as easy to find; you can get bonus bottles of vape juice with your starter kit as well.

Even discounts – the ones that you can claim without a coupon code – are easy to find. The Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit, which is normally priced at around $35, is currently available for less than $25. That’s $10 or more that you can allocate for trying different vape juice flavors.

More (and Better) Flavors

Flavors are also interesting to explore. The flavors of modern vape juice aren’t just getting more varied; they also getting better and more enjoyable. There are serious flavor designers working behind popular brands of vape juice right now, creating new flavors based on things like strawberry pancakes and vanilla ice cream.

Vape juice is made from food-grade ingredients like Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). VG is where you get the thickness and sweet flavor of vape liquids available today. PG, on the other hand, is the ingredient responsible for the throat hit you feel when you vape. Both of these ingredients are now crafted further to suit the taste of vapers.

Other ingredients are added to produce different sensations. Menthol – and other cooling agents – is often added to simulate that cool feel of menthol. You get a creamier feel from the certain liquids thanks to the use of essences.

More Retailers

There are a number of regulations that govern vaping as a hobby. That said, vaping is a growing industry and there are more retailers from whom you can pick up the best kits and vape liquids. You can shop for the items you need to have the best vaping experience online.

Thanks to the growing catalog of vaping-related items, the possibilities are endless. The newly introduced pod system makes today’s vaping scene even more interesting. You can avoid the usual hassle of replacing your coils by using pod-based systems like the Suorin Drop.

The market is also becoming more competitive, which is why the aforementioned discounts and special offers are easier to find. For vape juice, you can actually sign up for a subscription box and have several new flavors automatically delivered to your doorstep every month.

It’s Exciting

One last reason why vaping is becoming increasingly popular as a hobby is the amount of personalization you can access once you start vaping. Aside from the atomizer that comes with your starter kit, there are also RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) you can pick up for different vaping sensations. RDAs are highly customizable. You can use different coils – and even fine-tune the coil you use to the last detail – and customize your kit to perfection.

The whole process of developing a kit that works for you personally is very exciting. In fact, there are now communities of vaping enthusiasts in South Jersey. Community members exchange tips and secrets online. They also meet offline to trade flavors and gear while having a relaxing afternoon and vaping together.

There is no doubt that vaping is here to stay. What was once considered a one-time hit is now a mainstream hobby enjoyed by thousands in the South Jersey area.