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More NYMMF Info; Gloucester City Taxpayers Borrow 1M; Mr. Rogers Movie; New Stop Signs

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UPDATED (July 14, 2018)



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MORE INFORMATION ON NYMMFThursday, July 12 we received the last response to our OPRA request filed 6a00d8341bf7d953ef022ad3530495200c-400wi June 25, 2018. We had asked for the number of firemen that worked that day?   How much were they paid? Why were firemen needed for the festival? 

The festival organizers were billed $798.30 for the services of two firemen.


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.43.28A copy of the Neighbors United check representing the payment of $798.30 for services rendered by the Gloucester City Fire Department



One man worked 8 hours that day and the other person worked 10 hours.  As for the reason firemen were needed Battalion Chief Patrick Hagan said, "This question is broad and capricious; however, members of the Fire Department/Bureau of Fire Prevention were there to ensure and perform Public Safety and Fire Prevention duties due to the expected crowd gave by the NYMMF coordinators during the planning of this event."

The crowd was expected to reach 10,000. But, the number was much less. Depending on who you asked the figure ranged between 2,000 and 5,000 people. 


The contract between the Fire Department and Stevie Kircher, NYMMF, was signed on May 29, 2018. That document provided an estimate for the department's services which called for a fire official to work 14 hours that day at a rate of $46.59 for a total of $652,26; a firefighter to work the same time period at a rate of $39.91, total $558.74 for a grand total of $1,211.  If additional personnel was needed (discretion of the Fire Official) it would have cost $42.44 per hour for a Lieutenant/EMT to work 7 hours, total $297.08 and $39.91 per hour for a firefighter/EMT to work 7 hours, total 279.37 for a grand total of $576.45. 

The contract stated, "As far as permits go, you will need to fill out one permit per cooking vendor with their name and address on the permit at a rate of $42 per Type 1 permit (cooking). The amusement company will also need to fill out a permit. Your festival will NOT need to fill out any state fire permits, as all permits come through the Gloucester City Bureau of Fire Prevention. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: We still like to talk with the festival's organizers. We can be reached at To be fair to those people we asked the city's custodian of records if the city ever gave any other non-profit group money for their affair. For example, did St. Mary's receive money from the city for the Irish Parade? How about the people involved in Gloucester Day? Did organizers of the Shamrock Festival receive financial help from the city for that event? As of this posting, we are still waiting for the response to that OPRA request.

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 MAYOR AND COUNCIL ARE IN LOVE WITH YOUR MONEY--Gloucester City Mayor and Council passed a $1,052,000 bond ordinance June 21, on first reading. Public hearing and final adoption are scheduled for 7 PM on July 19, 2018, at city hall, 313 Monmouth Street.  Monies from the bond will be used for the following: 

TaxpayermoneyCNBNews graphics file


Resurfacing of various city streets…..                   $500,000


Improvements to Municipal Building & City Hall….$500,000


New computer equipment ………………..                $10,000


Body cameras for police………………..                    $22,000


Bonds/Notes = $999,400

Costs                  215,000

Appropriations- $1,052,000       


S&P Global Ratings announced on April 2, that  Gloucester City’s General Obligation (GO) Debt outlook has 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0192abded29b970d-800wibeen revised to Negative from Stable on weakening P 2018 GO Bonds Rated #AA-#.

When asked about the City's rating being downgraded, Paul Tully, a certified financial planner from Eagle Wealth Strategies, West Deptford said, "This is not good news, but not all that unusual either. The state of NJ has had multiple downgrades in recent years. Basically, it means that S&P feels the city's finances have weakened enough to call into question the city's ability to meet its obligations on various debt that it issued and that is still owed."

Last month we had contacted the City Administrator and the City's Chief Financial Officer to explain why the negative rating meant for the taxpayers of Gloucester City.

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CNBNews Mystery Consumer Recommends: "Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood" --- This is a movie, 75 minutes in length, all about the life of Mr. Rogers. Fred Rogers was an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church who took up the mission of helping children through his famous television series. He taught values and the importance of kindness for everyone in life. On the surface, a "Mr. Roger's movie" might sound silly, with the expectation of its being a simple collection of his tv shows or that "it's just a kids' movie". It's far from that. It is a moving, emotional and highly instructive documentary. I recommend it highly to everyone as a real guide for living and finding happiness in life. A number of scenes are truly poignant and very touching. It was a true blessing to see it. I encourage everyone to see it. The entire audience was comprised of adults. ~The Mystery Consumer

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 14.21.32image from the movie trailer






4 ADDITIONAL STOP STREETS FOR JOHNSON BLVD. --The Gloucester City Public Works Department installed four new stop signs on Johnson Blvd in June. Presently the erected signs are covered with plastic.

As of this date, mayor and council still haven't passed an ordinance designating the new stop streets. As such it is not known when the stop signs will be activated.

The new signs have been erected at the intersection of Johnson Blvd. and Baynes Ave. (top left photo); Johnson Blvd. and Katherine Street (top right photo); Johnson Blvd. and Monmouth Street (left, bottom); and Johnson Blvd. and Paul Street (right, bottom). 


IMG_1783 IMG_1783







IMG_1781 IMG_1781







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