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(CNBNewsnet)(July 6, 2018)Esports entails multiplayer video games competition among professional gamers. Another name for Esports is electronic sports because the games can only be played online. The video games are divided into several categories such as Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Real time strategy (RTS), and fighting games among others. According to analysts, the Esports business is lucrative and it is estimated to have a net worth of 1.5 billion dollars by the year 2020. The first video game to be in a competition was Spacewar in 1972 at Stanford University. In 1990, there was rise in video games because of the increase in internet connectivity. The global tournaments started officially in 2000 where professionals and spectators were initiated. Like any other game, there are ethics and legalities to ensure good sportsmanship. Many gaming communities help gamers to connect and get more information. One of such communities is the

What offers is a gaming community that offers you the opportunity to get updates on the latest gaming news. always provides detailed insights on all the games, players and teams which you need to know in the Esports industry. has sufficient research and comprehensive reviews that will help you in determining which game suits you. The reviews and ratings are from gamers who have experience and understanding of the games they play. The information shared on will help you get techniques and strategies that will advance your game play to attain significant results. Unlike other esports forums, gives you the opportunity to give feedback. Feedback is useful as they make your experience better and the community to incorporate your ideas in their updates. The community allows you to air your opinion through articles and online discussions. also helps you to be on top of the news about esports games and major tournaments. The League of the Legends Championships, ELEAGUE, Global Starcraft 2 league, DreamHack Tournament, and Intel Extreme Masters are among such events. It also motivates you to have genuine interest in Esports because their conversations are close to real life talks. People involved in these conversations have comprehension of Esports so you can be sure that the news you get are factual.

How to become a professional gamer

  • Play various games in order to gauge the one that suits you.
  • Practice makes perfect. Make sure you are a consistent player so that you can master the skills and techniques required in gaming. Watch videos of professional gamers and talk with the players to learn more.
  • Join a community to stay motivated and pick on new information. Being in a community will help in enhancing your talent and you will learn what it means to be a team player.
  • Get a team and enter into a tournament to test your skills. The more you participate in competitions, the more your online profile is builds up. A good portfolio will help you get sponsorship to further your skills on online games.

Esports is a venture you can try out if you love to incorporate both fun and making money.