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Recovery After a Traffic Accident: A Guide


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(CNBNewsnet)(July 31,2018)--While no-one likes the thought of being involved in a car accident, unfortunately, they are a common occurrence, and are often caused by careless driving, speeding, or drink driving. That’s why it is important to understand the exact steps you should take should ever be involved in a collision.

Ensure you protect your health and finances by finding out how to effectively recover after a traffic accident.

Stop Your Car

Never drive away following a traffic accident, even if you’re the victim. Pull the car over to a safe place, if possible, and ensure it doesn’t obstruct traffic. You must then check if anyone requires immediate medical attention from the emergency services.

Swap Information

If possible, you should write down the name, address, and telephone number of everyone involved in the collision and any witnesses. Make a note of who is a witness and who is not to avoid confusion. You should also note down the relevant drivers’ insurance details and license plates. If their vehicle is used for work purposes, ask for their employer’s details, too. By doing so, you could potentially make an insurance claim and repair your vehicle.

Collect Evidence

It is vital to recover the cost of your medical expenses and loss of income if a traffic accident wasn’t your fault. To strengthen your case, you should make a note of the relevant driver’s vehicle make, model, registration number, and color – and you could even take pictures to be used as evidence.

You should also make a note of any details you can remember, such as the direction the vehicle was traveling, and the number of passengers inside their car. This will strengthen both an insurance and personal injury case.

Seek Medical Attention

It doesn’t matter if you have sustained a bruise or broken bone, you must seek immediate medical attention. Either go directly to hospital or a doctor’s practice to receive a full evaluation. You should also request a copy of your medical information, so you can review the details and treatment options once you return home, as you could struggle to absorb the next steps to take following shock.

Consider Compensation

A car accident cannot only cause physical and emotional distress, but it can also lead to financial repercussions, such as loss of income. Rather than struggling in silence, you should consider seeking compensation to help you effectively restore your finances. For example, The Compensation Experts can help you make a personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis, and they will aim to secure the maximum compensation you’re entitled to.

Report an Accident to an Insurer

Once you have received medical treatment, you must contact your insurer within seven days of an accident. While you might have already contacted the police, you will need to directly discuss the event with your insurance provider, even if the accident was not your fault. Simply send a letter to an insurer detailing what has happened and make it clear it is for their information only.