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(CNBNewsnet)(June 14, 2018)--Are your kids spending too much time playing video games, or watching T.V? Turn off the gadgets for a while and try some, or all, of our awesome activities that every kid (and adult) will want to do.


Let’s go fly a kite

When was the last time you and your kids flew a kite? If you can’t remember, buy, or make your own kite, and head off somewhere windy for a day of fun. You may not have the right weather for kite flying where you are, but, if you can, get yourself to a beach where the winds are usually superb for flying a kite.


Make paper airplanes

How can something so simple be so much fun? Be reminded of the thrill of making the perfect airplane and watching it spin, hover, and fly. The wonderful thing about this activity is that you can enjoy it both indoors and outdoors, so if you are stuck indoors, you can still be entertained. If you have forgotten How To Make A Good Paper Airplane, take a look at, which offers the definitive guide to assorted paper airplanes.


Play board games

When you aren’t a household of board game lovers, it can be difficult to believe they can be so much fun. However, there are so many different board games now available, there is certain to be at least one the entire family will enjoy. Monopoly, for example, has several different versions of its classic game including Avengers, Christmas, Game of Thrones, and Jackpot editions.


Have water fights

One of the best things about summer as a child has to be water fights. Whether you were armed with water pistols, or water balloons, the all-out water warfare was the most fun. When it is warm and sunny introduce your kids to the wonder of the water fight to cool down.


Make decorations

During the next holiday enlist the help of your entire family to create assorted decorations. Make wreaths for Christmas, and table centre pieces for Thanksgiving and Easter. There are some fantastic ideas at Allfreeholidayideas.Com which will get your creativity flowing.


Go on a treasure hunt

This activity can take place indoors, outdoors or both and is a lovely way to get siblings to work as a team to solve clues to find the treasure. First plant the treasure out of sight of anyone who will be playing and write clues leading from one clue to the next with a final clue revealing the location of the treasure. Get your children to work together to decipher the clues.


Go for a picnic

In fine weather, a trip to the nearest park or beach with a brimming hamper is fun for all. Take games like cricket, or just a ball to throw around, and spend the day enjoying nature and each other’s company. Younger children will enjoy indoor picnics just as much if the weather is too poor to venture out.


Look to the skies

Print off some star maps and go star gazing in your own backyard. Invest in a quality telescope or binoculars and challenge the kids to find certain stars and constellations. Younger children will love being able to stay up later to enjoy this activity.


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