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Taking Care Of Your Lawn During The Summer Season

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(June 1,2018)(CNBNewsnet)Whether you live in the suburbs of Shenandoah Valley, are a school or business owner, you should take care of your lawn. Taking caring of the lawn surrounding your home or building will keep a pleasant aesthetic and make it more suited for lying on the grass on a hot summer day. In taking care of it, you must mow the lawn and fertilize it, water it regularly and even control any pesticide issues that may arise. Neglecting the lawn will, in turn, cause lasting damage to the grass. You may want to take your shoes off and lie down on the grass in your backyard to read a book, or even sit on the grass at some point. Therefore, you must tend to your lawn for comfort and a pleasant overall aesthetic.


Mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is important for keeping a green and healthy looking environment. There is, in fact, a science behind how you should mow the lawn. If it looks yellow or brown after it has been recently cut, the chances are that the blades on your lawn mower were set too low. Don’t cut it too short or leave it too long. Aim for somewhere on the lower side but comfortable enough that you can walk barefoot on. Follow the one-third rule – do not cut more than one-third of the height. The more rain and fertilizer you use, the faster your lawn will grow and the more it will need to be mowed.


A healthy lawn is one that is tended to and watered. The same way you water your plants, you must water your lawn. By watering your lawn, you are providing it with the nutrients it requires to grow and stay green. It is vital for a lawn that is alive to be watered on a daily basis.


Pesticide Control

People are not the only ones that enjoy the warm weather. The summer brings with it an increase in pests. Learn more about your local pests to identify them and take the necessary measures to exterminate them. The common types include ants, termites, rodents, roaches, mosquitos, and roaches, among others. Pests can infiltrate your lawn and ruin it! You won’t want to lie down on grass knowing there are ants and rodents roaming around.


Not taking care of the lawn

Mowing, watering, and controlling pests are the three most important steps you can follow to keep your lawn looking healthy. Meanwhile, what should you not do? There are a few things that can ruin your lawn, some of which include over fertilizing, overwatering and skipping out on regular lawn mows. Too much fertilizer can dehydrate the grass, and overwatering can actually give your lawn diseases.


The warmer weather will inspire both kids and adults to take their shoes off on the grass, or simply lie down on it to relax. In order to do this, individuals must take care of their lawn, and there is a particular way of doing so! Mowing and watering the lawn must be done so precisely, as overwatering will kill the lawn and mowing the wrong way will cause the grass to be brown and yellow. The end result of a luscious green lawn is unparalleled and can mean the perfect summer pastime.

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