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In order to accommodate the Independence Day Parade and Fireworks on July 3rd. the following parking restrictions will be put into place:

Between 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm on July 3rd. parking will be prohibited on:

  • Broadway between Koehler and Warren Sts.  (both sides)
  • Koehler St. between Broadway and Jersey Ave.  (both sides)
  • Jersey Ave. between Broadway and 9th. St.  (both sides)
  • Charles Street between Jersey Ave. and 8th. St.  (both sides)

Between 6:00 pm and 12:00 am on July 3rd. parking will be prohibited on:

  • Johnson Blvd. between Gaunt and Essex Sts.  (both sides)
  • Bill Flynn Sports Complex parking lot.
  • Basketball court parking lot (Nicholson / Johnson)


Johnson Blvd. will remain closed at the conclusion of the fireworks display until the roadway is clear of all pedestrian traffic.  Anyone choosing to park their vehicles in the 900 blocks of Morris, Middlesex and Paul Streets will not be able to remove their vehicles until Johnson Blvd. is reopened, as these are one way streets.  Please keep this in mind when parking at the event.

Everyone will be required to stay on the east side of the railroad tracks during the fireworks display as per safety regulations. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and there will be officers on location to answer any questions.

source Gloucester City Police Department