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Blockchain Will Soon Be A Necessity Across All Industries

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CNBNewsnet(June 28, 2018)--Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin’s success, is already revolutionizing the world economy by changing how processes are being handled in industries. Already, a majority of organizations across different industries have incorporated blockchain systems into their day to day business activities.


What Exactly Is A Blockchain?


A blockchain is known to be a digital ledger that records and saves data through different independent nodes (servers/computers), that make transactions and other digital interactions to be safe, without the use of an admin intermediary or a third party organization.


The benefits of blockchain are significant enough to sustain its relevance for many generations to come.


Here is an insight at some of the ways that industries will benefit from using digital ledgers.


Blockchain Will Improve Public Administration Efficiency


We all know that everything related to the public administration usually takes a lot of time to be completed. Most of the time, the procedures are done at a sluggish pace that you wish you had an alternative. The good news is that such alternatives will be available soon.


Instead of having to visit the local government offices, blockchain technology will help us to accelerate obtaining documents by confirming their authenticity. Many U.S. defense services are already hastily experimenting with blockchain technology and how it can enhance their security.


These processes will no longer require officials who are sometimes susceptible to corruption, those who discriminate against race and financial inequality, nor will citizens need to “know someone on the inside”. By using an independent third party such as blockchain, citizens will be able to access services efficiently. Furthermore, their personal data will be automatically saved in the local database.


In one word, there will be no need to fill in different forms every now and then.


Improve Supply Chain Management


Supply and logistics is a field that has long demanded for an improved technology to enhance cost effectiveness and data traceability. By incorporating blockchain into their processes, these companies can easily track items from departure till they arrive at destination. The transparency in the process ensures transparency and accuracy to the businesses. reports that companies like IBM and Maersk are already utilizing blockchain tech for this purpose, and as the technology improves further there are bound to be more and more people adopting it.


More Transparency And Accuracy In Digital Accounting


Having to record or copy accounting records to spreadsheets is still a tedious task. Instead, by using a digital ledger to record transactions, companies can minimise errors by automatically syncing and recording all transactions. This ensures that data is accurate and safe from the hands of hackers or the human errors.


Also, in rare cases of irregularities, data can be retracted back to the original point of entry, making it easy to detect errors and guaranteeing accountability and integrity.


Blockchain holds a significant potential in revolutionizing the society and change the world of transactions. With time, more and more industries are expected to incorporate this technology into all transactional operations which will help in saving time, cost, and enhance transparency in the organizations.

Blockchain is here to stay. It’s time for everyone to get ready and invest in blockchain systems before being overrun by competitors who are already using the digital ledger systems.


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