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Teenagers Hooked on Genes


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(CNBNewsnet)(May 23, 2018)--While most teenagers are interested in the latest party fashions or other youthful activities, a teenager from South Jersey is making an impact on peoples lives by becoming obsessed with genealogy.


Teenager Eric Schubert started dabbling in genealogy when he was just 9 or so, quickly learning he was naturally skilled in the art of find family members. Now in High School, Eric has over a thousand cases completed as well as the usual course load a student can expect.


The Boys Business


Starting his business two years ago, ES Genealogy, from a desk in his bedroom, Eric has managed to make an amazing impact on hundreds of peoples lives. He has all he needs right in his room to do his investigations, hunting official documents and records to finish unsolved puzzles.


Eric has spent some time investigating his own genealogy, tracking his paternal grandmothers birth father, and confirming the relationship via a DNA test. This expanded his own family tree to dozens of new family members.


The Most Memorable Case


When asked about his favourite cases, Eric has said that the case of Kate DeSantis is his most memorable, unlocking an old family mystery for Ms DeSantis. Ms DeSantis always knew she was adopted but had not been able to contact her birth mother.


New Jersey had only opened the adoption records in January 2017, so Eric using only the birth name supplied managed to recreate Ms DeSantis’ entire family tree. The family tree revealed had a lot more branches than expected, with Eric uncovering an additional 4 siblings for Ms DeSantis, who was prior to this an only child.


Eric has said that the most rewarding part of genealogy is the end results, of being able to see the reaction of people meeting long lost or unknown family members for the first time. He was luck enough to be there when Ms DeSantis facetimed one of her siblings for the first time. An emotional family reunion between two sisters, who share an obvious resemblance, is a huge reward for Eric.


Ms DeSantis has said that it feels like a Hallmark movie, with nothing but happy endings, and is excited for the future and getting to share it with her new family members. She has already formed a quick bond with her sister, talking as if they have known each other their whole lives.


And all these good feelings are due to a young man with an interest in family history and helping others connect. Ms DeSantis intends to visit with her new family soon and take them around her favorite sights, like Zahav, but maybe she should check out a casino no deposit online game or two for fun.


The Future of Eric


Though Eric is still young, and focused on school, he will keep his love for genealogy alive and run his business to help other families connect in the future. Contact Eric on his website if you need genealogy services: ESGenealogy.com


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