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Great Ways of Helping Students Believe in Themselves

by CNBNews staff 6a00d8341bf7d953ef019aff277d75970c-800wi


(CNBNewsnet)(May 16, 2018)--Teachers, coaches, tutors and parents have the important obligation to bring up students who can positively shape their future as early as now. It is quite disturbing to see students who have small ambitions, yet their potential looks way bigger than this. According to a popular high school principal, any student who can successfully gather research material from El Rincón del Vago Magazine for an appealing paper has great potential and should be nurtured.

Maslow’s Hierarchy has come a long way in helping psychology and sociology research to understand people. If it is applied in our schools, then tutors will understand their students better and be in a position to help them believe in themselves. Maslow’s Hierarchy also suggests that people who want to reach their highest potential must have a high self-esteem. That said, teachers can help students believe in themselves through the following ways.

Encourage Any Possible Opportunity

As mentioned earlier, teachers who apply the concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy are already in full awareness of their students in terms of the potential they have. If a student likes to take an internship or a job during their summer holiday, you can lead her or him to an opportunity if you have one.

Take it upon yourself as the tutor to help the students apply for such opportunities if none is readily available. The students will learn a lot during this kind of exposure and are highly likely to improve in their studies the following semester.

Create Teams

Teachers can create teams or groups to help each other in class work or any other related matters. Sociology experts argue that weak students will open up in a better way while in small groups than when in large groups. While doing so, it is crucial to mix students with different abilities so that each will have something to contribute to the group.

The teams can further compete amongst each other for more productivity at the end of the day. Teachers who encourage their groups to accept contributions from each member will succeed in bringing a whole class of motivated and confident students together.

Positive Conversations with Students

Students see teachers as their role models. Students believe in what teachers say. Therefore, teachers who focus on positive conversations will always build students who believe in themselves. Affirming that the students have specific strengths through the conversations you have with them will even make it better for them.

Even though your positive conversations will not have immediate results, they contribute to building a team of students where everyone has confidence in themselves. Additionally, you can also coach students to have positive conversations amongst themselves.

Challenge the Students

Apart from praising hard work, providing opportunity and other encouragement, teachers can also present a challenge that will shake the students away from any comfort zone. Even the lazy students who give up easily will put some extra effort in when challenged by the teachers. Normally, one will want to prove otherwise when there is a challenge ahead of them.

With the above insights, any teacher or tutor is in a position to build students who believe in themselves. Parents also can reiterate the same encouragement when students are at home. At the end of the day, students will have an educational system that adds value to their lives.