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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Protecting Your Investment



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During my years as a trainer I’ve encountered folks that don’t need professional help with their dogs.

   They don’t need help because it’s ‘only a puppy’.

   They don’t need help because ‘he just needs to learn what to do’.

   They don’t need help because ‘he’ll outgrow that behavior’.

   They don’t need help because ‘it was my fault he bit me’.

   They don’t need help because ‘we got rid of him’.

   If you’ve invested your heart and your money in a dog, do him a big favor and invest just a little more by seeing a professional for at least one session. You may be saving his life.
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Wado udohiyu, (thank you very much in the Cherokee language)
Dawn Watson
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 Pictured: Atah, my beloved companion for 16 years. R.I.P., precious girl.