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Because of Underage Drinking Gloucester City Police to Increase Patrols Near RR Trestle



The Brooklawn/Gloucester City railroad trestle . The "drinking parties" are held in the wooded area near the concrete embankment. photo credit CNBNews.net

Th"We have received a report that once they pass out other kids lay them across the tracks". ~ Police Chief George Berglund

Gloucester City Police Chief George Berglund posted the information below on the department's Facebook page on Monday, March 25, 2013.

GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--The Gloucester City Police Department has received information that

The kids have been "tagging" the cement wall near the trestle. Approximately 100 yards west is Broadway. For decades teens and homeless people have been using this area for beer parties, consuming illegal drugs and smoking pot. Police have a difficult time patrolling the isolated area. photo credit CNBNews.net

children are going to the trestle and consuming large amounts of alcohol. It is reported that they are getting so intoxicated that they are passing out. We have received a report that once they pass out other kids lay them across the tracks. This is extremely dangerous! Officers were directed to check the area on a more frequent basis and they came across a large party there this past weekend. All but one of the individuals fled.

The juvenile male at the scene was so intoxicated that he urinated and deficated his pants and was passed out. He had to be rushed to the hospital. We ask each and every parent to have a talk with your children and know where they are at all times. Smell their breath and have a conversation with them when they get in at night to see if they are under the influence. This place has been a hangout for years and has always been an issue due to its location. We intend to remain vigilant in this area and will charge any individual appropriately.


This dirt road is the only way a vehicle can access the area. The trestle is just beyond the high tension wire tower. photo credit CNBNews.net


Hakmayap said...

The concrete wall and concrete support wall coming out of the water there suggests another bridge at one time. Was that a road bridge or a train bridge or an abandoned project? I was always curious about that.

CNBNewsnet said...

I'll ask some old timers and get back to you.

reader said...

Both the city and the police dept have known about this place and the goings on there for years and they are just getting to cracking down on it. This place is a hub for all kinds of illegal activity,such as drugs ,under age drinking,and lord knows what else. I do thank our police dept for doing something about it before someone gets hurt.

CNBNewsnet said...


The way it was told to me by the ancients was that Billy Thompson was going to build a rail line from Gloucester to Atlantic City. If you remember the Hinky Dinks, the first tunnel, the second tunnel and devil's hole, that is where the elevated part of the railroad was going to go over. It was going from the tressel and headed across the property where the high school was build and was elevated across Market Street. The next elevation was over the peanut line then over the Black Horse Pike toward Audubon. I heard that the project was stopped because of red tape, politics or money.
The reason it started at the tressel was because Billy Thompson owned an amusement park in Westville along the river and he owned a racetrack where the old stadium stood on Charles Street.
That is what my father and his friends told me when I was a young boy.

Bill ( Wibby) Yeager of Delaware formerly of Gloucester City

Hakmayap said...

Thank you Bill and Wibby. That is very interesting. I remember being curious about the concrete in the water when I was a teenager and would walk the tracks to Brooklawn. I forgot about it until I saw your photos.

I had to look at it above from Google Earth and it looks like the route may have been planned along the power lines into Audubon.