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How to Move Houses on the Cheap

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(CNBNewsnet)(May 29, 2018)--Unless you are Warren Buffet who has stayed in the same house for decades, you’ll have to move houses a number of times in your life.

Moving houses is never easy. You have somewhat become attached to your neighborhood and you have to bid goodbye to your friends and neighbours and move to a different location, city or
. That takes some adjustments.

It’s not even the emotional aspect of moving houses that’s demanding – it’s the financial costs. Relocation involves packing and transporting your belonging, and whether you do it yourself or hire a moving company, you’ll have to incur some costs.

You only minimize your expenses by finding ways to move on the cheap.


There are few instances in life that can force an emergency relocation. Most of the time you have at least a one-week buffer to get your things in order and find a suitable accommodation in the city you’ll be moving to.

Take this time to plan about your relocation. This will save you the last-minute rush that can see you get ripped off by moving companies or lose some your stuff in transit.

Choose the appropriate day for you to move out of your old house and into the new one. You don’t want to transit your belonging on a rainy day or during peak traffic hour.

More importantly, you need to budget for your relocation. If you want to hire a moving company, then compare the prices of different businesses and set aside some money to carter for their expenses.


Take advantage of the planning period for your relocation to declutter your house. Getting rid of items you no longer use not only saves you the cost of paying for the transportation costs of junk but can also earn you some money through a yard sale with the proceeds going into financing the costs of moving.

If you come across an item you haven’t used for years while packing, put it aside and find ways to dispose of it instead of transporting it for miles to serve to particular purpose.

Professionals v DIY

Hiring a truck and having your buddies help you pack and compensating them with beer is the best way move on a budget but it also comes at a cost – you have to do the heavy work.

Also, there is no compensation cover should you break a few things unless your friends will agree to you surcharging them when they accidentally drop your water dispenser.

Hiring a moving company comes at a significantly higher cost. If you must get professionals to help you move out, then ask for quotations from several companies and get reviews on them from sites like Apexbeats.Com before settling on one. You’ll find that local movers are the cheapest.

Change your address

Take a look at your utility bills and stop the services you can do without before you move especially if your billing circle doesn’t coincide with your date of departure otherwise you’ll be paying for the bills after you’ve left.

It is also important to change all your mails to the new address as soon as you have it. You could miss out on important correspondence when you mail gets sent to your old address.

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