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Alzheimer’s Facilities on the rise in New Jersey

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CNBNews Staff

(CNBNewsnet)(May 23, 2018)With the rising number of Alzheimer’s cases across South Jersey, so to do the number of facilities needed to handle the increase in patients. In general, Assisted Living Facilities are on the rise to assist with the ever-expanding ailing population of New Jersey.

A bed facility is nearing completion in Cherry Hill, designed specifically for Alzheimer’s patients, with an additional 66 bed facility nearby currently in the planning stages. Additionally, an existing facility in Moorestown has submitted plans for a 70-bed expansion to its current offering.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia facilities are the fastest growing sector of the assisted living niche market, say local developers, Oren Brothers Real Estate.

Fredericka Waugh from the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter has said the more beds are needed for those people suffering from Dementia related illnesses. This organization estimates that by 2025 New Jersey alone will have 210,000 people suffering from Dementia related illnesses, a 17% increase from the current figure of 180,000.

The increase can be explained somewhat from the baby boomer generation aging, the advances in medical sciences allowing us to live longer – which leads to possible dementia in the older generations.

The facility developed in Cherry Hill, is specifically designed for those with Alzheimer’s, having two internal courtyards to let residents enjoy the outdoors without fears of them wandering off and getting lost.

This facility will also be single story as multi story is not suited to these types of residents, and it will include a movie theatre and ice cream parlour. These state of the art facilities will be modern enough so that those golden oldies who want to enjoy online betting and other Internet based activities will readily be able too.

Facilities are just one part of caring for those with dementia related illnesses according to the Alzheimer’s Association. The most important consideration for caring for these people is that the staff has been correctly trained in dementia care, and that they also have great experience in this area.

These facilities should be closely monitored as these types of residents are particularly vulnerable, so trained and skilled patient staff is a necessity.

The Alzheimer’s Association also advised family of dementia sufferers to prepare well in advance for their placement in an assisted living facility, as quite often there are long wait list to get into a well rated facility.


Additionally these facilities can cost thousands of dollars a month and need to be budgeted for (and only a few beds are kept for Medicare patients), so you need to plan how much this facility will cost you and your family.


The nearly completed facility – Symphony at Cherry Hill has opened its sales office next to the facility and is banking on its early start into this field of assisted living facility, based on the research the had completed and implemented 2 years ago.


Though the competition is now heating up in this area, there seems to be unfortunately enough patients to keep all facilities fully occupied.