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Senate Select Committe Lambaste NJ Senator Bob Menendez

The Senate Select Committee on Ethics released a damning letter of admonition resulting from its investigation of

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disgraced Senator Bob Menendez. The letter lays out Menendez’s corrupt, unethical behavior, and condemns his actions in the strongest possible language.


Some highlights:

“The Committee has found that over a six-year period you knowingly and repeatedly accepted gifts of significant value from Dr. Melgen without obtaining required Committee approval and that you failed to publicly disclose certain gifts as required by Senate Rule and federal law. Additionally, while accepting these gifts, you used your position as a Member of the Senate to advance Dr. Melgen's personal and business interests.”

“Notably, you have not disputed the fact that you accepted numerous gifts from Dr. Melgen and took official actions related to his interests.”

“Further, your decision to accept and your failure to disclose numerous gifts while simultaneously using your Senate office in furtherance of Dr. Melgen's interests created, at a minimum, the appearance of impropriety.”

“You demonstrated a disregard for these standards by placing your Senate office in Dr. Melgen's service at the same time you repeatedly accepted gifts of significant value from him. Your assistance to Dr. Melgen under these circumstances demonstrated poor judgment, and it risked undermining the public's confidence in the Senate. As such, your actions reflected discredit upon the Senate.”

“Bob Menendez’s scandalous conduct laid out in this letter should outrage every New Jersey voter,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “The Senate Ethics Committee found what was already crystal clear from Menendez’s criminal trial – Bob Menendez is a crook and an embarrassment.”

Bob Salera
National Republican Senate Committee Deputy Communications Director