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CNB Hunting/Fishing Pennsylvania: Spring Gobbler Season Opens April 28

Pennsylvania's spring gobbler season opens April 28, 2018. Share your passion for hunting by mentoring a new hunter.

Take Someone Hunting.

Too often we think about doing something but don’t get around to acting on it. Make the time this spring to get your son, daughter, loved one, or friend into the turkey woods before they grow up. Pennsylvania’s popular mentored hunting permit is designed just for this situation. It allows an experienced turkey hunter to pass on their traditions to a newcomer before they complete hunter education. 

Teach someone new the tricks of hunting wild turkeys, calling birds, placing decoys, setting up and hunting safety. Pass along your love of the turkey woods to someone new, and get excited about hunting again. Buy your license today.

Learn more about Pennsylvania’s Mentored Hunting Programs.

Be a Mentor — Experience the Hunt for the First Time, Again