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Letters to the Editor: Good News, Bellmawr Fire Department ISO Rating Upgraded to Class 3

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To the Residents and Business owners, Images-2

The Insurance Service Office (ISO) recently completed a re-evaluation on the quality of fire protection for the Borough of Bellmawr provided by the Bellmawr Fire Department; the evaluation period covered the last 3 years.

The analysis reviews in depth the following:

  • Emergency Communications (emergency reporting and dispatch systems and their capabilities)
  • Fire Department Operations (equipment, staffing, training, response times, facilities, equipment maintenance and testing, record keeping)
  • Water Supply Systems (amount of water available for firefighting, inspection and flow testing and maintenance of fire hydrants)
  • Fire Risk Reduction Efforts (fire prevention codes and enforcement, public fire safety education, fire investigations)

ISO’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) grading scale ranges from a Class 1, which denotes “superior property protection” to Class 10, which indicates that an areas fire protection does not meet the minimum criteria established by ISO. Lower ratings reflect the quality of a fire department and the services that it provides, and usually translate into lower-cost property owners insurance premiums for customers of insurance companies that use ISO information.

The Bellmawr Fire Department has been a Class 4 Fire Department since 1999. As the Fire Chief for the Bellmawr Fire Department, I’m pleased to inform you that as a result of our recent evaluation by ISO, the Bellmawr Fire Department will receive the designation of an ISO Class 3 Fire Department. This designation will become effective July 1st 2018. This is a direct reflection of the dedication of the Officer staff, the members of the Volunteer Department and the governing body. 

Please use this letter to notify your insurance agent that as of July 1, 2018 the Borough of Bellmawr is designated as an ISO Public Protection Class 3 community. 


Chief Jim Burleigh