Mount Ephraim Volunteer Fire Department Responds to Car Fire on Kings Highway

Despite $4 Million Spent on Repairing the Broadway Bridge the Flooding Continues


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Above and below Gloucester City firemen help a motorist from his car with the aid of a Gloucester Iron and Metal heavy equipment operator.  (photos credit Gloucester City Fire Dept.)


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GLOUCESTER CITY NJ (April 16, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)--There was major flooding on April 16 on South Broadway between Gloucester City and Brooklawn. And also on Route 130 south near Klemm Avenue.


The Gloucester City Fire Department responded to a call of a motorist being trapped in their vehicles on Broadway. Helping the fire department with the Broadway rescue were employees from Gloucester Iron and Metal and Builders First Source. 

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The flooding on South Broadway at the borderline between Gloucester City and Brooklawn was supposed to be fixed after the county (taxpayers)spent over $4 million and three years on repairs. When the work was completed in 2015  Dan Keashen, a spokesman for the county was asked why the Gloucester City side of the bridge was not repaired at the same time.

Keashen said “We had to start first with the repair of the bridge. We plan on expanding out to that approach in the future.  Between the county and Gloucester City, we will be working on a long-term project to remediate the main thoroughfare with capital funds and FEMA funding. It will be a multi-million dollar project when all the funding sources are organized.”

Three years later, resident, motorists, and pedestrians are still waiting for promises made by Keashen and the Camden County Freeholders Board to be fulfilled.  

(CNB COMMENTARY)--In November three seats on the Freeholders Board are up for grabs. Who knows maybe this being an election year that long-awaited promise to fix this problem will be realized.  One has to wonder if this problem was in the upscale community of Haddonfield instead of the blue-collar towns of Gloucester City and Brooklawn would this deplorable situation still exist.

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Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 14.55.35Traffic was stopped on April 16 because of the flooding under the Route 42 underpass at U.S. Route 130 near Klemm Avenue  (photo credit Gloucester City Fire Dept.)

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