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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Shopping

Dawn O Watson | CNBNewsnet


   Funny-retriever-dog-pushing-shopping-cart-full-food-product-29609017 My grocery shopping expeditions are epic examples of my priorities.


   For example, I can walk into ShopRite with one of those small carts and by Aisle 5 I’m out of space. I’m reminded of the movie, “Jaws” when the character says, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”.


   I buy carrots to use as treats, then proceed to the meat department. I check the prices and realize it’s either pay my bills or eat a steak and leave the area, after buying some chicken to cook up with the carrots.


   I hit the cereal aisle and stock up on generic carbs with artificial colors and names like, “Froot Loopies” because they have to misspell words that are unhealthy equivalents of actual food.





At the pet aisle, I stock up on kibble (don’t judge me) and a few toys that catch my eye, then on to the paper goods and cleaning products.


   My pack is a bit messy, so I purchase paper towels in bulk, baggies for walkies, and dishwashing liquid to use as cleaning solution so the little darlings aren’t overcome by toxic fumes, other than those they emit, themselves.


   The frozen food section is a goose-bump display of frozen veggies the gang adores—

 they go nuts when they see a box of peas—and move swiftly on to the next section.


   I pick out several types of cheese and a big jar of peanut butter for those extra-special times when I have to cut their nails or give them a pill, and proceed to check out.


   On my return home, I’m greeted by general mayhem as I show my little buddies what I bought for them. It isn’t until later, when I get hungry, that I realize there’s nothing for me to eat except Froot Loopies. And I forgot to buy milk.


   Later, as we curl up on the couch, well-fed (some of us) and happy, I’m thankful for their companionship. I do my best to feed them healthy food, give them attention and exercise, and show them the love they crave. Even if it means my diet consists of products with made-up words.


Just Sayin’

Dawn Watson