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“America’s Founders gave us a tool to use for exactly this time when our federal government would be too big, bloated and corrupt,” - U.S. Senator Jim DeMint
WASHINGTON, D.C. April 23  (CNBNewsnet)-– Convention of States is pleased to announce a historic milestone with the signing of our one millionth Article V petition. 

From sea to shining sea, in every single state house district, Americans have signed the Convention of States petition, asking their legislators to vote in favor of the Convention of States resolution to propose fiscal restraints, limits on the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and term limits on Congress, the judiciary and federal bureaucracy. 

In many cases, Convention of States supporters show up at their state legislature to deliver hundreds, sometimes thousands, of petitions signed by their constituents to their state legislators’.
Citizen activists are more empowered than ever with the constitutional, rational tool that enables the states to put the brakes on Washington, D.C.’s foolishness. More than 3.3 million grassroots are working in every state house district in America to permanently drain the swamp by calling an Article V convention.

“The American people understand that President Trump’s noble intentions of “draining the swamp” are facing resistance from the media, career politicians and the deep state,” said Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance. “The swamp is fighting to keep its power and no single person or President can achieve this mighty task alone. The only way to “drain the swamp” permanently is to use Article V of the U. S. Constitution to limit federal power.”

The fast-growing liberty movement against the tyranny of Washington elite and bureaucratic swamp is the Convention of States Project. The project was recently endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul, and is also endorsed by Senators Ben Sasse (NE), Marco Rubio (FL), Ron Johnson (WI), Tom Coburn (OK), Jim DeMint (SC) retired Sen. Jim Talent (MO), Rep. Jeff Dunham (SC), Rep. Ron Desantis (FL), Gov. Greg Abbot (TX), retired Governors Bobby Jindal (LA), Sarah Palin (AK), Mike Huckabee (AR), Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Steve Deace and many others. These public figures, and many others, stand with the grassroots in saying now is the time to put the brakes on the ruling elite, corrupt politicians and the deep state, and restore the Republic. 

Convention of States Action is currently organized in all 50 states, including over 3.3 million volunteers, supporters, and advocates committed to stopping the federal government’s abuse of power. Twelve states (Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, North Dakota, Texas and Missouri) have passed identical Article V resolutions since the project's founding in 2013. Virginia hosted the first-ever Simulated Article V Convention of States in the fall of 2016. Currently, 28 States are considering the COS resolution. For more information, visit