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Gloucester City School District Considering Cutbacks Because of State Aid Reduction



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Gloucester City High School


CNBNote: We have heard rumors for several days about the Gloucester City School District having to Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 3.38.59make cutbacks because of a reduction in state aid. One person said the district is going to do away with teacher aides and outsource those jobs to a private company. Another person said the school district is considering the layoff of security guards and replacing those people with retired police officers. Someone else said the district has a million dollar plus deficit that will skyrocket the local school taxes.

We reached out to Dr. Dennis Vespe, school superintendent for an explanation.

He said, "To address the rumors you have been hearing, I can offer the following explanation. Gloucester City School District received a reduction in state aid this past June due to the states equalization funding initiative where former Abbot districts are being reduced in state aid in order to fund former non-Abbot districts which have been underfunded for years according to the state funding formula. This past June Gloucester City’s state aid was reduced $512,655 after submission and approval of the district’s budget occurred in March. This year Gloucester City School District was informed by the county and state that the reductions in state aid will continue as planned for the next several years reducing the state aid another $512,655 for the fiscal year 2019."

" The board of education is reviewing every and any possible option in order to make the most informed decision/s. To date there have been no decisions made nor will there be any decisions made until the state aid figures are distributed on March 13th. I hope this explanation clarifies the rumors."

Dr. Vespe emphasized, "Until the state aid figures are received by the district there cannot be any decisions made."