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February/March 2018 CNB Cheers and Jeers

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William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet

CHEER--The 2017-18 Gloucester Catholic's swim team, its Coach, Kevin Nolan and Rams swimmer Jack Ruggieri were named the best by the South Jersey Times this season.

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 JEER--Another month and another "Raspberry" for Conti Enterprises, of Edison, NJ, who has been storing their construction equipment on the small plot of ground near the entrance to Gloucester City at US 130 and Market Street for the past several years. Conti, who is working on the nearby Route 42 and Route 295, has used that site as a dumping ground for everything imaginable. It looks like hell. Why does Conti get special treatment by the City of Gloucester City? Any other contractor or business in that community would have to maintain its property and enclosed its storage area behind a screened fence. That property is a reflection of the entire City.

CHEER—-A number of utility companies, such as PSE&G, Atlantic Electric, Suez Water, have passed on their corporate savings from the Republican Tax Bill to its customers. Unfortunately, the state of New Jersey is going to increase its corporate taxes giving them the highest corporate state tax in the nation…once again.

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JEER-—Every day for months we have been looking at this eyesore (above) near Market Street and the Route 130 highway. It's bad enough that Conti uses the nearby area as a dump you would think at least the state would maintain its highways. We pay enough in gasoline taxes, which has increased by 25 cents a gallon. Where is that money being spent? Not in New Jersey! (submitted by Anonymous 1)

CHEER—For the second year in a row, the Glassboro Intermediate School girls’ field hockey team made a very special donation to the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in Washington Township, NJ. The team raised $800 in honor of Glassboro High School teacher and cancer survivor Michele Keating, who, in 2015, received treatment at the facility, which was then called Kennedy Cancer Center. In 2016, the girls also donated $600 in honor of Ms. Keating

 JEER--South Jersey Democrat Political Boss George Norcross and former NJ Governor Chris Christie were seen meeting in a Moorestown diner earlier this year according to InsiderNJ. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall listening to that conniving twosome? Now we know who was pulling Christie's strings during his term in office. See photo here Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 20.25.02

CHEER—Monsignor Bill Hodges's Irish parade was once again a big success. The parade was started three years ago by Monsignor Bill (pictured with Bishop Sullivan), the pastor of St. Mary's Parish, Gloucester City. Kudos to all those involved in organizing that event and all the other Irish happenings held in February and March in this city.


The $4.25 million in repairs to the Brooklawn/Gloucester City bridge was completed in May 2015. The work began in 2012. After all that money and time it still floods out (CNBNewsnet photo)

  JEER-—Millions of dollars and years of manpower spent on supposedly fixing the flooding on South Broadway near the Brooklawn/Gloucester City borderline and yet it stills floods whenever there is high tide or heavy rain forcing pedestrians to walk out into the busy traffic that uses Broadway as the main thorofare.We said this before if this situation was in nearby Haddonfield it wouldn't happen. Why do those two small towns get the shaft from the Camden County Freeholders Board? Don't their vote mean anything?


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The same stretch of Broadway as the photo above near the Little Timber Creek bridge taken in February 2018 after the water receded  (CNBNewsnet photo)

 CHEER—Jefferson Health New Jersey (formerly Kennedy Health) has been awarded a 2018 Top Workplaces honor by Philadelphia Media Network. This marks the fifth consecutive year the South Jersey-based arm of Jefferson Health has been named a Top Workplace. Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 19.7.05

 JEER-—Good old New Jersey…with an average annual wage of more than $81,730, New Jersey firemen take home the nations' biggest firefighting paychecks. The average hourly wage for NJ firemen is $39.30 which is the number one hourly wage in the nation, according to MSN.com (submitted by Anonymous 2)

CHEER-—Gloucester City High School Senior Kylar Coughlin netted 19 points in a 35 - 23 Group 1 Quarterfinal matchup with Salem on February 28. In the semi-final game against six seed Woodbury, the Lions lost to Woodbury 47-43.

JEER—More than 100,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania alone, according to testimony submitted recently in a lawsuit demanding the state come clean about the extent of its problems. The Public Interest Legal Foundation, which has identified similar noncitizen voting problems in studies of Virginia and New Jersey, said Pennsylvania officials have admitted noncitizens have been registering and voting in the state “for decades.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 15.58.45CHEER—Luke Castagna tallied 17 points, seven rebounds, and three assists to lead ninth-seeded Pitman to a 52-46 victory over eighth-seeded Gloucester in the first round of the NJSIAA South, Group 1 tournament in Gloucester City.
Gloucester led 11-9 in the first quarter, but Pitman outscored the home team 13-7 in the second quarter to take a 22-18 lead into the half. Chris Lamb led Gloucester with 15 points and five rebounds, while Chris Sanders added on 11 points and three assists and Rob Sulpizio finished with eight points and 11 rebounds.


CHEER—The Gloucester Catholic Girls Basketball Team, ranked No. 11 in the NJ.com Top 20, finished the regular season with six straight wins and not a loss to a New Jersey opponent since a two-point defeat against undefeated Mainland on Jan. 6. In fact, it was Gloucester Catholic’s only loss to a New Jersey team this season.Catholic (23-3 overall, 12-0 division) had the Tri-County Conference-Diamond Division title sewn up by mid-February and earned a bye as the second seed in the Non-Public, South A sectional tournament bracket.

JEER—New Jersey's already-sky high residential property taxes set a new record in

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2017, with the average tax bill ringing up at $8,690. That tax bill is $141 -- or 1.6 percent -- over the $8,549 homeowners paid, on average, in 2016. The burden falls hardest in Bergen, Essex and Union counties, where the average bill exceeded $11,000. The average tax bill was $7,281 when Christie came into office. During the two terms of his administration, they rose a total of just over 19 percent, representing a significant slowdown in the rate of property tax growth from previous governors. 

CHEER—Realestate developer WEBO Properties, of Gloucester City is continuing its purchase of empty properties in the City. Most recently they purchased the former Orlando's Bar, 500 Paul Street. Their restoration of the former Twisted Delight Pretzels Factory, 30 S. Broadway is nearly completed. And they finished the repairs to the residential property at 15 N. Stinson Avenue which is available for rent. They also owns the vacant Gloucester Catholic school building at Monmouth and Sussex Streets which they plan on redeveloping. The owners of WEBO, LLC, are Rich Lauletta and Paul Margaritis. Their office is located in Philadelphia. "WEBO is our best acronym for West of Broadway which is our area of focus in Gloucester City," said Lauletta.

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