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(Video) DISTRICT 20 Nightmare for South Brunswick High School Senior wrestler Brandon Brown




South Brunswick,New Jersey (PR MediaRelease) March 27, 2018

DISTRICT 20 Nightmare for South Brunswick High School Senior wrestler Brandon Brown. What could have been as the State Wrestling Finals are now over?  Just six years ago Brandon Brown was living in Dominican Republic and training for baseball with one of the best strategic Coaches in D.R. named Suarez.

The family decided to move the family to their Mother Ana’s native land Dominican Republic so they could learn the culture and language. Brown decided to pursue baseball in a country which has a great baseball tradition. Brandon Brown’s baseball team would travel to some of the poorest towns in the world to play baseball. Sometimes there would be cows and goats grazing the fields during our baseball games. Kids would be running in their bare feet to play because they couldn’t afford sneakers.

Upon Brandon’s return to the States and his first day on the bus he was pushed around by an older student. After telling his parents and speaking to an Uncle they decided to enroll Brandon in wrestling. After his first practice he wanted to quit because it was so up close and personal of a sport but his Dad asked him to just stick it out for two weeks. His love for wrestling wouldn’t waiver after those two weeks. Baseball went to the wayside and wrestling took precedent.

Over the summer he connected with a top boxing trainer Mr. Linn and improved. Over the summer Brandon Brown placed second at the ARMY West Point Wrestling Camp so his excitement for the season was high. During the season Brown was working his craft and trying to peak at the right time. Everything was planned out or at least Brown thought so!

At the District 20 tournament everything would change. Brown’s hopes and dreams to move on to District 20 Championship and possibly Atlantic City were dashed in seconds. Brown was the 6th seed in the District 20 coming off three impressive wins in his last four matches. Brown would go against Perth Amboy’s wrestler Yerami Jiminez #3 seed in the District. During the first period Brown was down 2-0 after a takedown by Jiminez at the 152 weight class. In the 2nd period Brown had scored back 2 points on a takedown for a 2-2 tie. In the 3rd period Jiminez had taken a 5-4 lead with sixty seconds left in the match.

Brown  had just received two points on a reversal and was on top of Jiminez awaiting either a stalling penalty or a pin on his opponent. Incredibly and without notice the mother of Jiminez came running on the mat as shown in video to save her son from imminent defeat. The referee was clearly thrown off as was everyone.

Legendary South Brunswick Coach Joe Doughtery, mentioned after the match “the ref clearly missed a stalling penalty.” Jiminez had received a warning in the 2nd period so it was a second away.

The South Brunswick Police Officer rushed the Mat to detain the woman and escort her off the mat. In todays world it was a scary moment for the parents and daughter of the Brown family. I was really nervous but the Police were right there thankfully” In an interview Brown mentions” we have the 24-hour rule in our home when it comes to sports so we can’t discuss this anymore! Time to move on to spring track! Brandon will be competing in the Pole Vault.