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A Message from New Jersey Congressman Donald Norcross (1st District-D)


Following the tragic mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, I knew that simply offering thoughts and prayers was not enough. 

Just saying something after each shooting – then doing nothing – means nothing and Americans know it. 

It’s time for Congress
to pass stronger gun safety legislation. 

Congressman Norcross talks about
gun safety legislation at Highland
Regional High School in Blackwood, NJ

I hosted a roundtable with students, school administrators, chiefs of police and community leaders from Gloucester Township and Washington Township to discuss school safety.

We talked about President Trump and the NRA’s suggestion that we arm teachers. That’s lunacy – our teachers already have hard enough jobs, and having more guns in schools will only put our children at greater risk.

It’s time for Congress to listen to our children and vote on
sensible gun safety measures.

What Students Are Saying 


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What’s Next?

To honor my commitments to all South Jersey students, following this roundtable, I will be inviting every school district that I represent to talk about gun safety in a district-wide discussion. 

Congress needs to work to solve our nation’s gun violence epidemic. Our children’s lives depend on it.


Donald Norcross
Member of Congress