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Some tips for hunting snow geese in Pennsylvania

A field a quarter-mile from the author's home had 10,000 birds ripping through corn stubble for hours and hours Monday. At the same time, Middle Creek had 200,000 snow geese, a record amount.

Last week I wrote of the annual sweep of snow geese passing through the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania, the beauty of the birds and the awe they inspire with such huge flocks flying and feeding so close to my home.

I also mentioned the frustration of hunting them, and how I’ve basically abandoned their pursuit, at least in any earnest and genuine form, being satisfied to sit on a couple of occasions — decoy free — near a flooded field corner in the hope any number of birds may just drop by.

In retrospect, anyone considering becoming a snow-goose hunter may have become discouraged after reading my gloomy remarks reflecting my snow-goose hunting. I apologize for that, because I undoubtedly do not wish to discourage anyone from an outdoor undertaking, especially one that involves the magnificent white geese.

I can truthfully say that through almost constant failure, I learned quite a bit in regard to hunting snow geese, and I’m able to offer some advice to any new hunters and future hunters of these elusive birds. For seasoned snow-goose hunters, they certainly know what I know.

First off, hunters considering the hunting of snow geese have most likely seen outdoor shows that offer scenes of a constant flow of approaching snow geese, followed by uncountable shotgun shots and birds dropping every which way. Be aware that