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LETTERS TO THE ED: Union Members Under Attack

Today in the United States Supreme Court, our freedom to negotiate better pay, benefits and job security as LettersToTheEditor1union members was under attack.

This morning, the justices heard oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME, a case brought by powerful corporations who want to rig the economy and destroy our ability to come together in a strong union. Click here to see what this case is all about and how it will impact you.

Send a message to the CEOs and their political cronies that you will never quit fighting for your union.

Working people and their allies will not be silenced. On Saturday, in cities and communities from coast to coast, tens of thousands of people participated in a Working People’s Day of Action. We marched and mobilized, speaking with a powerful voice about fixing the rigged system and giving everyone the freedom to negotiate for a better life.

We have the facts and the law on our side in the Janus case. The other side isn’t making a legal argument at all — they’re just launching a political attack. They are motivated only by hostility toward public service workers like you, who’ve dedicated your lives to strengthening your communities. They want to see your pay cut, your benefits reversed, and your voice on the job silenced.

Win or lose in this case, we will continue to raise our voice and build power together. We will continue to stand up for one another and stand up to the wealthy special interests. Sign this petition and recommit to our union, our fight and our freedom.

In solidarity,

Lee Saunders