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GCity Number 33; 1st Responders Honored; Free Tuition for DACA; New City Banners; Et Cetera




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THE CITY OF GLOUCESTER CITY #33—The community of Gloucester City was named as one of the poorest in the state of New Jersey according to the newest Census data released. NJ Advance Media studied the census and found where this kind of income inequality is highest and lowest in New Jersey. From that article, "In many ways, the New Jersey experience continues to be a tale of two states. On the one hand, some towns have loads of wealthy residents owning expensive property and taking home more than $150,000 a year in income. On the other, there are towns where almost one-fourth of the population is under the poverty level. Data shows the state has the 13th-widest gap between the rich and the poor in the U.S.

Listed in the top 35 poorest communities was the City of Gloucester City coming in at Number 33 with a median income of $53,113. The percentage below poverty: 4.3 percent

 FIRST RESPONDERS HONORED—The First Responders Appreciation and Ecumenical service was held at St. Mary's Church on Saturday, February 10. The South Jersey Observer filmed a Youtube video (see below) of the participants marching from Fire Headquarters at King and Monmouth Street to the church at Monmouth and Atlantic Street. A link to a photo gallery of the event can be found here.


COLLEGE TUITION AID FOR DACA IMMIGRANTS—88.3fm  posted an article on a bill

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advancing in the New Jersey legislature would allow undocumented immigrants in the DACA  program to qualify for state financial aid to help cover the costs of college. There are more than 22,000 DACA participants in New Jersey, the ninth highest number of the so-called Dreamers in the country. Stephen Ruszczyk, a sociology professor at Montclair State University, says the legislation would help DACA students afford a college education. Rutgers president Robert Barchi supports the legislation. He says it would help the more than 400 registered Dreamers at Rutgers. See article



NEW BANNERS FLYING IN GLOUCESTER CITY—The City of Gloucester City has erected new banners along Broadway announcing the city's 150 Anniversary of its Incorporation.  The city was founded in 1623 and was incorporated in 1868. Gloucester City is said to be the eight oldest community in the United States. It is rich with a historical heritage that is unmatched by any other place of its size in the nation. In 1776, the town hosted General Lafayette, and other notables of the Revolutionary War, during the famous "Battle of Gloucester." In 1773, Betsy Griscom was married to Gloucesterite, John Ross, at Huggs Tavern. Thus became the famous name of Betsy Ross, who made the nations' first flag. In 1973 the City commemorated its 350th birthday and the 200th wedding anniversary of the nation's most famous lady.

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NEW BUSINESS???-We received several inquiries about the ongoing construction work at the former McMichael's Pub, 157-59 South Burlington Street, Gloucester City. One tipster wrote, "When I picked my daughter up from GCHS today I saw a lot of work being done inside and outside McMichaels. Not sure who is working on it but it sounds like good news." When CNBNews knows more we will let you know.

 FREEHOLDERS COMING TO GLOUCESTER CITY—The March 15 meeting of the Camden County Freeholders Board, according to their agenda, will be held at the Gloucester City Middle School, 500 Market Street on Thursday, March 15 at 6:30 PM.

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