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CNB Hunting/Fishing Maryland: Trout Stocking


General Stocking InformationSport Fish Restoration

For reference, the full 2018 spring stocking schedule ​is available online. In addition to this page, the Department of Natural Resources Fishing & Boating Services posts stocking updates ​on Facebook and Twitter and through its email news service. Lastly, anglers may also call 800-688-3467 and press option #1 to get a recorded weekly update when stocking is in process (usually updated on Fridays).


Put-and-take areas have a five-trout limit and specific spring closures depending on location. Consult the Maryland Fishing Guide for closure dates and special management area restrictions.

The daily limit in areas (that are not put-and-take or special management areas) is two trout with no minimum size and no closed season, except in special trout management and put-and-take areas.

Girl with Trout

Preseason Trout Stocking​​

Preseason trout stocking is currently underway, the following table lists all locations stocked with trout. The Fall Stocking Summary​ shows what areas were stocked during the Fall 2017 Stocking season.

Species Codes:
RB = Rainbow Trout; GN = Golden Trout; BN = Brown Trout


Melwood Pond will not receive it's scheduled pre-season stocking due to low dissolved oxygen levels. It will be monitored and evaluated prior to further scheduled stocking dates. Locations stocked on 01/24/2018 received the extra fish that were scheduled for Melwood.
2/26/2018 Carroll Piney Run Reservoir 1,300 RB/GN
2/26/2018 Garrett Casselman River - delayed harvest 2,450 RB
2/23/2018 Howard Middle Patuxent River - Delayed Harvest 450 RB
2/23/2018 Montgomery Patuxent River - catch and return 800 RB
2/22/2018 Garrett North Branch Potomac River, Barnum 900 RB/GN
2/22/2018 Garrett North Branch Potomac River, Kitzmiller 450 RB/GN
2/22/2018 Garrett North Branch Potomac River, Westernport 900 RB/GN
2/22/2018 Washington Sideling Hill Creek 750 RB/GN
2/21/2018 Frederick Fountain Rock Park Pond 200 RB/GN
2/21/2018 Frederick Frank Bentz Pond 200 RB
2/21/2018 Washington Lower Beaver Creek 450 RB/GN
2/21/2018 Washington Licking Creek 450 RB/GN
2/20/2018 Allegany Evitts Creek 900 RB/GN
2/20/2018 Allegany Jennings Run 1,100 RB/GN
2/20/2018 Allegany North Jennings Run Watershed 300 RB/GN
2/20/2018 Allegany Wills Creek 900 RB/GN
2/20/2018 Baltimore Patapsco River, Daniels - 2 fish/day 1,800 RB/GN
2/20/2018 Carroll Morgan Run - catch and return 900 RB
2/15/2018 Allegany Town Creek - Delayed Harvest 2,700 RB/GN
2/14/2018 Frederick Middle Creek 900 RB/GN
2/14/2018 Washington Antietam Creek 450 RB/GN
2/7/2018 Caroline Tuckahoe Creek 1,050 RB/GN
2/7/2018 Cecil Octoraro Creek 300 RB/GN
2/6/2018 Queen Annes Unicorn Branch - 2 fish/day 200 RB/GN
2/6/2018 Wicomico Beaverdam Creek 450 RB/GN
2/6/2018 Worcester Shad Landing Pond 450 RB/GN
2/2/2018 Carroll South Branch Patapsco River (River Road) 400 RB/GN
2/2/2018 Charles Hughesville Pond 75 RB/GN
2/2/2018 Frederick Catoctin Creek(Catoctin Creek Park) - Delayed Harvest 900 RB
2/2/2018 Frederick Catoctin Creek(Doubs Meadow) - Delayed Harvest 200 RB



Help To Stop Poachers

Reminder - If you spot poaching please place a call to our Catch a Poacher Hotline at 1-800-635-6124 - a cash reward is available for information leading to an arrest and conviction of a violator.

Felt Soled Waders and Shoe Ban

Felt-soled waders and wading shoes are now banned in the State of Maryland. Further information can be found through our FAQ on the felt sole ban.