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An influx of $1.45 million from billionaire George Soros, who has invested in a handful of reform candidates in district

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Larry Krasner photo courtesy of https://krasnerforda.com
attorney races around the country, also helped. The money bought messages on local airwaves and to mailboxes about Krasner’s work defending Black Lives Matter activists and suing police.


Krasner won the Democratic primary in May with 38% of the vote, defeating six other candidates in most of the city’s 66 political wards.

But he lacked support from key corners. He lost wards in Philadelphia’s far northeast and deep south — neighborhoods that voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 general election and which are home to white, working-class voters and police.

Just before the primary, a group of former assistant district attorneys published an open letter describing Krasner as “a radical candidate with no experience prosecuting crime,” and someone who had done little to help crime victims.

The Philadelphia Inquirer endorsed Krasner’s opponents in the primary and general elections. So did the police union, whose president described Krasner as having “open hostility” to police and said he would be a “danger” to Philadelphia.

“He’s going to need those police — and they don’t trust him, ” said Lynne Abraham, who served as Philadelphia’s district attorney from 1991 to 2010.

Abraham, who earned the moniker “deadliest D.A.” for her aggressive pursuit of capital punishment, also criticized Krasner for his stance on the death penalty and what she saw as soft-on-crime policies.

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