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Brooklawn Municipal Court Moved to Oaklyn

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UPDATED/January 2, 2018--Ryan Giles, Brooklawn Borough Administrator was asked the reason for moving the Borough Court to Oaklyn. "The State of New Jersey wants to see more shared services and Oaklyn was a great fit to have a shared court.  Our employee was hired by Oaklyn to continue as a court administrator."  


BROOKLAWN NJ--The Borough of Brooklawn would like to inform all residents that beginning January 1, 2018, Brooklawn Municipal Court will be moved to Oaklyn Municipal Court, which is located in the Borough of Oaklyn at 500 White Horse Pike Oaklyn, NJ

Oaklyn Municipal Court is a joint court, hearing all Title 39 cases (traffic summonses), disorderly person cases and petty disorderly person cases. All of these types of cases will now be heard in Oaklyn Municipal Court.

The Brooklawn Police Dept. wants to assure all residents and visitors that this change does not affect where they report any crimes/offenses, issues or complaints. NOTHING CHANGES WITH THE BROOKLAWN POLICE DEPARTMENT.

What does change is, if a citizen wants to sign a criminal complaint or summons, they now must do so at the Oaklyn Municipal Court.

Keep in mind: Court related payments will no longer be accepted through the Borough of Brooklawn. (DO NOT leave any court related payments in the drop box at Borough Hall) All court related payments must be made either in person at Oaklyn Municipal Court or through the mail. The address again is: 500 White Horse Pike Oaklyn, NJ 08107

Any questions can be directed to Oaklyn Municipal Court at: (856) 858-0074

source Brooklawn Police Department