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Letter to the Ed: Reject the Robin-Hood Reverse Schemes

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This week in Washington the GOP is working to pass the Trump tax scam -- which is a huge tax hike for New Jersey families that they are trying to pass off as some sort of deal. Don’t be fooled by their spin. Working families will pay thousands of dollars more so the rich can get richer.

This is unacceptable. Sign on if you want to stop massive tax hikes in New Jersey.

Trump is pushing to slash taxes for people who have private jets while middle-class families are worrying about making ends meet, paying medical bills, and putting their kids through college. If the GOP tax bill passes, billionaires will get a break paid for at New Jersey's expense.

Join me and sign on to reject these Robin-Hood-in-reverse schemes that take from those who have the least and give to those with the most.

Thank you for standing with me,



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