New Jersey Man Sentenced To Prison For Using Stolen IDS To Seek Fraudulent Tax Refunds
OBITUARY: Harry E. Ott Age 59 of Cramer Hill section of Camden City

"Boss" George Norcross Loves Spending Our Money

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Campbell's Field, Camden City NJ (image courtesy of Wikipedia)



William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews Editor


How many people reading this article would throw away hard earned money? Before answering considerCommentary copy this, the amount of money that we are talking about is $21 million.

Obviously, none of us would deliberately discard money in a trash can particularly when the amount we are are talking about is in the millions of dollars.

But, what you and I think is foolish and wasteful, doesn't mean that others feel the same. Especially if they are politicians who have no reason to be frugal when they are spending money that doesn't belong to them.


In fact, our elected leaders in Camden County and in the state legislature are in the midst of negotiating a plan that calls for the demolition of the $21 million Campbell's Field. The minor league baseball diamond built in 2001 is located on the banks of the Delaware River in Camden City next to the Ben Franklin bridge.

6a00d8341bf7d953ef0192abded29b970d-800wiThose plans came to light in October when the Democrat power broker George Norcross, who is not an elected official, said at a breakfast meeting that the 6,700-seat ballpark on the Camden Waterfront, will be demolished soon. "You're going to see, in the not-too-distant future, that stadium demolished and in its place will be world-class athletic fields for Rutgers University in Camden and the public school's system and the renaissance schools in Camden, so they will have world-class athletic facilities to utilize," Norcross added according to the Courier Post.

Even though it is our money that Mr. Norcross and his hand-picked minions of the Camden County Democrat Freeholders Board are spending/wasting, the taxpayers of this state get no say in this matter.

This project is similar to the public funding of the multi-million dollar construction and demolition of the Riverfront State Prison built in North Camden on the Delaware in 1985. Twenty-four years later, in 2009, it was demolished to make way supposedly for office skyscrapers.


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Although those plans are still on the drawing board, this past summer Cooper's Point, a park, was opened on that ground. The Delaware River Port Authority allocated $8 million for the demolition of the prison, and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) supplemented that with $5 million in planning and infrastructure grants. The Wells Fargo Regional Foundation kicked in $750,000 for a neighborhood planning grant, and the William Penn Foundation added another quarter-million for the bikeway improvements. A modern $300,000 playground is one of the central features of Cooper's Point.

It would not be a surprise to no one if sometime in the not too distant future the bulldozers are back to newly built Cooper's Point to demolish it to make way for those high rise office buildings. After all, as we all know, Boss Norcross and his stooges love spending our money. And why shouldn't they? When was the last time anyone complained?


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