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Alloway Township residents say Halloween Hanging Man decoration is racist

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UPDATED: Vicki Alcott sent us a link to a similar incident about Alloway Township residents complaining about a Halloween decoration that displays a hanging man.  Hanging from the porch, according to,  is a figure of a man wearing a fake blood-soaked button-down shirt, pants and sneakers. It has gloves on its hands, which are tied behind its back, a sack on the head and a rope tied around its neck.The NAACP was contacted because people felt that Halloween decoration was racist.


A stuffed figure with a burlap sack on its head and a noose tied around its neck, seen hanging from a porch near the center of town is upsetting residents.

Salem County NAACP President Nelson Carney Jr. said that he and his organization received calls from residents who are offended by the sight.

"We got calls yesterday and I went down to take a look at it," Carney Jr. said. "I called the prosecutor and sent him a picture. Maybe they do not mean any harm but in this day and age, it has to come down. A lot of people have taken offense to it."


After fielding complaints from the NAACP, Salem County Prosecutor John Lenahan said he sent a few detectives to the house on North Greenwich Street to talk to the resident, however no one was home.

Joel Jiannone said Thursday when contacted by NJ Advance Media that he didn't know authorities were trying to speak to him and hadn't heard any complaints about his decorations.

He said he did not mean to offend anyone and had no intentions for it to be about race or for it to be graphic.



GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 27, 2017)(CNBNewsnet_--The following letter, from a so called member of the Concerned Parents of Gloucester City Action Group, was allegedly circulated in a Gloucester City neighborhood on Thursday. A person living in the neighborhood posted a copy of it on their Facebook page. So far that letter received 165 shares. It appears in its entirety below.

The author says his 15-year-old son came home crying because of the Halloween decorations he had to walk by to get to his house. The person even mentions President Trump in the letter as if he had something to do with the boy being scared. We haven't been able to determine whether or not the person or persons are playing a joke or if they are serious. However, we believe it is a student prank as next to the signature there is a Lions decal. If you are a member of this unknown organization or if you received a copy of the letter contact us,  [email protected]


"To Fellow Neighbors of Gloucester City, I must bring this to your attention. I have tried to calm my nerves but ever since my 15-year-old son came home balling his eyes out, I have to take action and let the inconsiderate neighbors of Gloucester City know of this plight. The plight of my child and the many children that must venture past these hideous and scary Halloween decorations that adorn your and other people's property."

"We live in a time of acceptance, of tolerance, we must not exclude, nor persecute, nor turn our backs on those that live in the shadows of this new Trump's racist America. We must stand firm in our convictions and fight the tyranny."

"So I ask you as a decent resident of Gloucester City, to please stop the uninclusive {sic} practice of participating in this devilish holiday known as Halloween. The decorations are downright frightening and quite frankly, harmful to the wonderful children of this community. Please TAKE them down from YOUR property. Thank you for complying."

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