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Gloucester City School District Spend and Tax; Love Your Money; Stun Guns Coming to NJ

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SPEND AND TAX!--The Gloucester City Board of Education, at their October 10 meeting approved the $136,000 purchase and installation of bleachers to seat 500 people for the Middle School football field. 

These are the same bleachers that taxpayers couldn't afford to buy just a few months ago.

In July the state Department of Education notified the City School District that their state aid had been defunded by $512,000. As a result of that cut the Board announced it would not follow through with purchasing the bleachers. The other savings came about through retirements and not filling those positions. Another reduction had something to do with the storage (archiving) of M.E. Costello elementary school documents. The Board voted on those changes at a standing room only meeting held July 26 in the high school media room.

Future plans for the field include the construction of stadium lighting. The district has already installed the infrastructure for those lights.

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Gloucester City News blog files

LOVE YOUR MONEY!-Did you ever wonder who pays the largest tax bill in your home town. For example in Gloucester City the owner of 100 Park Avenue pays $13,299 annually; in Brooklawn the owner of 105 Timber Blvd. pays $7,918; Bellmawr, the owner of 114 W. Browning Road pays $14,345; Westville 495 Edgewater Ave.$12,935. The Toms River Patch released an article listing that information for every county in the state.


Patch put together a list of the highest-taxed residential properties in each town, including the annual cost for each residence. The data was drawn from, which collects property information, real estate and sales data and interactive maps and publishes it for the public in an easy-to-navigate format. The list below shows that property taxes in even the state's poorest communities, such as Camden, can hit the $18,000 range, helping to establish New Jersey's status of having the highest property taxes in the nation. But Camden's taxes pale in comparison to places such as Alpine in Bergen County, where the highest property taxes exceed $300,000.

CNBNews posted the data from the article (below) for a few communities in the Camden County and Gloucester County area. A link to the entire article appears further down.





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STUN GUNS/TASERS COMING TO NJ—As a result of a lawsuit filed by the New Jersey Second

Amendment Society state residents are now allowed buy stun guns. The group sued Attorney General Christopher Porrino on grounds that New Jersey’s ban was unconstitutional.


The dismantling of New Jersey’s stun gun ban comes six months after Porrino’s office signed a consent order acknowledging that the law violated the Second Amendment. But while gun groups cheer, New Jersey’s law enforcement community is ambivalent about the dismantling of the state’s 32-year law. Porrino dropped his defense of the ban after a 2016 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court declaring similar restrictions in Massachusetts to be unconstitutional. Following the consent order, a federal judge gave the state 180 days to create new regulations. Rule changes were submitted by State Police Superintendent Joseph “Rick” Fuentes, with Porrino’s approval.

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