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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: The Importance of Play


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   Playing with the family pet is an important social interaction, both for the pet and the human. It increases the human/animal bond and ideally brings joy to all participants.


The activities of throwing a ball, playing tug with a toy, or simply scratching or petting your dog all add depth to your relationship with your dog.


Dogs learn to play as puppies. If you have rescued a dog and he shows no interest in toys, it’s likely he was deprived of this interaction throughout his life. A typical ‘puppy mill’ dog will not understand the concept of playtime.


To encourage Fido to interact with toys, make a few of them “special”. Try hiding them around the house and direct him to them so that it appears he has discovered them. Make him work for it by wedging a favorite toy under the couch or in a half-opened drawer so that he can enjoy the reward of capture.




You don’t have to spend a lot of money on toys. Crumpled newspaper inserted in a sock is just as much fun as a thirty--dollar toy from a pet supply store!


   Remember, dog ownership is a commitment that lasts for the life of the dog. If you do not have fifteen years of quality time to spend with a dog, do not adopt one.


   If you have questions about this or any other dog-related issue please call me at 856.981.8957. There is never a fee for email or phone consultation.


I apologize for being unable to share my column, last week. My mother's memorial service took precedence. It has been a difficult few months but Brother of the Wolf is now open for advice, support, and training,


Wado udohiyu, (thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

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