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CNB ARCHIVES DECEMBER 2008: Planning Board Gives Okay to New Townhouses at former CG Base

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Linda Boker | GCN

During his presentation, Gloucester City solicitor John Kearney said another parking lot is planned for the waterfront development to accommodate any special events that may be held.

Kearney added that the City’s governing body is overseeing the project, and, having the City’s best interests at heart, they would not approve anything which would be detrimental to the surrounding residents quality of life.

The board also approved the installation of an 875-square-foot freezer addition on the building housing Primo Hoagies and Nellie Provisions, at 900 Jersey Avenue.

Attorney Charles Wigginton, representing property and business owners Anything L.L.C., led a brief presentation, explaining that his client needs more room to accommodate his growing business.

Engineers testified that the freezer’s condenser units would be placed on top of the building to prevent any disturbance to neighboring residents.

Wigginton said the units would be very well maintained, which would also help to keep them running as quietly as possible.

Neighbor John Lang was unhappy with the proposed plans, stating that the existing refrigeration units on the site are already noisy.

The Board approved the plans 8-1, with Steve Martorano casting the sole dissenting vote.

The Board will meet again at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 21, in City Hall, 313 Monmouth St.


SNRoche said...

I think it's a mistake to build private residences on the pier itself, if that is what is planned. First, we were told some years back that the pier was structurally unsound for construction on it; secondly, the state had insisted on a setback from the pier's edge of 30 feet or more to accomodate public access, leaving little room for a housing development; and lastly, private-home construction would interfere with the public and civic uses of the pier we've always been promised.

Say No to Townhouses said...

I agree with Mr. Roche. This pier I thought was going to be the home of a new restaurant. What happen to that vision?

Gloucesterite said...

The townhouses will be built on the King Street side of the property, not on the pier. The pier is supposed to be used for seasonal concerts and things like that. I saw the plans myself. There will be two rows of lovely, historic-looking townhomes, on each side of the main driveway. One row will face King St., with a row behind it facing the pier. They are going to be very nice and a great addition to the King Street corridor.

Aldy said...

Is there any word on Hollywood East? I have been waiting since 1977 for that to pan out too!


Will the pier be like the marina? A place you can see from a distance but can't walk on except if you pay a fee. Will the activities to be conducted on the pier be supported by taxpayer money or will it be a smarter venture that is required to turn a profit unlike the marina.

Just asking.

Gloucesterite said...

To Just Asking, from what I saw and heard, the pier and the area around it are supposed to stay open to the public. The hope is to have some kind of tent or temporary structure for warm-weather use to have concerts or other public events. Also, the waterfront is still supposed to be a public area as well, which I was concerned about, since the houses will block some of the view of the water from the street. But it was promised that the pier and waterfront area would be open and accessible.

Shawn Green said...

I would like to say, that I'm opposed to the idea of building houses on the former United States Coast Guard Base. It has a lot of history, such as the Duke of Gloucester, who lived on the site. After the Duke of Gloucester passed away in Ireland, residents chipped in and had his body sent back to Gloucester. He is buried in Old St Mary's Cemetery.

After his death, the Federal Government made the site into an immigration station; in which my relatives and many resident's relatives passed through. How about Colonel Elis; which now has a street named after him behind the CGB Building.

Check out the following youtube link which shows the base when it was used by the USCG.

I would like to houses built on the Southport Development Area and leave the CGB open for historical purposes. Just my opinion.

Happy New Year