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Gloucester City HS Football suffers 1st Loss


EDITOR'S NOTE: We received one inquiry about the response time of the

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Gloucester City ambulance, and a second inquiry about the type of injuries the players suffered. 


We spoke with a Gloucester City Police Officer who was at the game. He told us that the Gloucester City ambulance most likely was on another call, however, both the Bellmawr and Westville ambulance responded to the call. He said before those ambulances arrived a GCFD truck came and firefighters treated the injuries.

As for the injuries, he said four GHS players had to be taken to the hospital. Two were in the first quarter. The first player had a concussion and they evaluated him for a while before deciding to call for an ambulance. The other player also had a concussion. The third and fourth players injured were transported by the Gloucester City ambulance; one broke his hand and the last one suffered what they thought may have been internal injuries but was later determined to be bruising in the abdominal area.

The police officer said that GHS has three athletic trainers and an orthopedic surgeon from Rothman on the sideline at every game so these players are always in good hands.


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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 15, 2017)--The Gloucester City Lions played host to a strong Palmyra team. Palmyra came into the Lions Den as the underdog but walked away with a 30 - 6 win. The game resulted in numerous injuries and CNBNEWS wishes for the best to the young men

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