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CNB Crime News: What is a Canadian Pardon?



(CNBNewsnet)(August 23, 2017)--A criminal record can be upsetting for people who are trying start over by either Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 20.53.51getting a new job or starting a business. A Canadian pardon is a necessity if an individual wants to walk freely on the soil of Canada and only the Parole Board of Canada is eligible to grant you a pardon in Canada.  A Canadian pardon isn’t easy to get as there are certain requirements to fulfill first.

If you are planning to submit a pardon to the Parole Board of Canada, check out this article.



The eligibility to receive a Canadian pardon differs from the criteria of other countries. Unlike other countries, a Canadian pardon is only granted once the criminal completes the sentence given by the jurisdiction. It may not sound like a pardon but the benefit here is that a person’s crime is wiped off the hook and he/she can travel, apply for a job and do other such tasks without having the organization or the country which the person’s wanting to travel know about their previous crimes.

The first thing that makes a person eligible for a Canadian pardon is to complete their sentence. There is no way a person can get out of the sentence given by the jurisdiction except that the sentence is served until ordered to. The sentence might be jail time, probation, house arrest, community hours, rehab programs etc. Therefore, there’s no use for filing an application for a Canadian pardon if you’ve not served your sentence.


  • Waiting Time

After completing the sentence, the individual’s behavior is observed to see if he/she has improved over the years. This is called the waiting time. The extent of this time largely depends upon the type of crime that you’ve committed.


For summary crimes the waiting time may be upto 5 years while indictable crimes may involve a waiting time of 10 years or even more. Summary crimes are crimes which are less serious such as road accidents, driving without a license etc., and do not require a jury to give a sentence, a magistrate can do so.


On the other hand, indictable crimes are considered to be far more serious than summary crimes. These include murder and genocide, and require the hearing to take place in the presence of a jury.


In case you are found not guilty, still you will have to undergo a waiting time of about 1-3 years before your accusation is cleared off the records.


  • Who Is Most Likely To Get A Pardon: Criminals who wait for at least 5-10 years after serving their sentence and display a good and cleaned character throughout the years without getting involved into any kind of crime are most likely to be granted a Canadian pardon. Their criminal record is wiped off the criminal books and they are free to live like all Canadian citizens are.


If your pardon gets denied for whatever reason then you have to wait for a year in order to file a pardon application again.


  • When To Apply: It is important that you apply for a pardon at least 1 to 2 years before because the average pardon processing time in Canada is about 1-2 years.

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posted August 23, 2017